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Stock Up for Allergy Season

All Natural Allergy Remedies

dandelionAs Spring approaches so does allergy season. Although the weather will become warmer and beautiful, the pollen and dust that gathers will make many fearful of leaving their homes. If you find yourself fearing allergy season a natural allergy supplement from EarthTurns is a good way to fight allergies. Many of the finest brands carried by EarthTurns make products that are specifically designed to help with allergies. Most of these allergy supplements help allergies by addressing immune function and limiting histamine release, and they are natural, safe, and effective. Let’s take a look at some of these supplements.

Vaxa Aller-Sine

v635Vaxa Aller-Sine is a great supplement, because it gets to the core problem of allergies: an over stimulated immune system. While most allergy medications help by masking the allergy symptoms, Aller Sine helps to promote the proper function of the immune system. Through this it helps to limit the body’s reactions to allergens, inflammation in the chest and nasal cavity, as well as drowsiness. The natural ingredients in Aller-Sine work by supporting the mast cells, and this may limit the release of histamines.

Flight Spray

Flight Spray is the ideal product for those who find themselves with dry or clogged nasal passages. When the nasal passage becomes dry it can be irritated or inflamed, but Flight Spray moistens the nasal passage and provides it with turmeric to help with inflammation. It also contains natural spearmint, which can help to fight bacteria that are inhaled.

TaurImmune Allergy Spray

TaurImmune Allergy Spray, by Taurox, is a natural allergy spray that promotes healthy allergy responses by supporting the immune system. The natural ingredients in TaurImmune Allergy Spray help to limit coughing, aches, drowsiness, blocked sinuses, and fatigue.

DaVinci Labs Aller-DMG

DaVinci Labs Aller-DMG helps to fight many of the respiratory and nasal davinci-aller-dmg-3316_4symptoms that accompany allergies. Aller DMG utilizes a number of natural ingredients, but two of the most important are dimethylglycine and quercetin. Dimethylglycine supports healthy respiratory function, and it may help to combat inflammation that can affect respiratory function. Quercetin further helps respiratory function, and it also helps the immune system. Aller DMG also has natural ingredients that work as antihistamines.

Fish Oil Supplements

A lot of people don’t realize that a fish oil supplement could also help with allergies. EarthTurns carries a number of fish oil and omega 3 fatty acid supplements, so be sure to take a look. The omega 3s found in fish oil work to limit many of the molecules that can cause inflammation and allergy symptoms. In particular, fish oil is helpful for limiting the function of prostaglandins and leukotrienes. Studies have shown that omega 3s not only help with the symptoms of allergies, but they may also reduce the need for allergy medications.

If you’re trying to prepare your mind and body for allergy season, there is no better way to get ready than with a natural allergy supplement from EarthTurns. These supplements work to support the immune system, and instead of just hiding the symptoms of allergies, they actually provide biological support to maintain a healthy response to allergens.

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