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Omega 3 & Cholesterol

The Importance Omega 3

Heart disease occurs at an alarming rate, but one aspect that has been puzzling doctors and researchers is the fact that nearly half of the people with heart disease have normal cholesterol levels. This has lead researchers to study smaller forms of cholesterol called sub-fractions. Cholesterol sub-fractions are believed to be dangerous to the cardiovascular system, and may be the cause of the occurrence of heart disease despite normal cholesterol levels.

A recent study wanted to find out if omega-3 fatty acid supplementation could benefit these cholesterol sub-fractions. The study tested the effects nordic-naturals-14160-1607_4 (2)omega-3 supplements, which were taken from Nordic Naturals products, on the cholesterol of professional football players. Thirty six football players were tested; twenty of which were given Nordic Naturals Omega 3 supplements. The other sixteen players were used as a control group. The study used a more advanced cholesterol test called Vertical Auto Profile. The Vertical Auto Profile tests up to 15 separate parts of blood cholesterol, and the study also noted omega-3 fatty acid blood levels.

The study showed that Nordic Naturals supplements helped to reduce the cholesterol subfractions. LDL, which is bad cholesterol, was reduced by 27%, vLDL decreased by 17%, and RLP was reduced by 24%. There was also a reduction in triglyceride levels, which decreased by 8.06%. The omega-3 fatty acids also helped to increase HDL levels, which is good cholesterol. There was also an increase of the omega-3 fatty acids within the blood, and DHA went up 10% and EPA went up 366% when compared to the control group.

The fact that heart disease can exist in people with normal cholesterol levels has baffled doctors. They believe that cholesterol subfractions that aren’t generally tested might be the cause for this. A recent study showed that omega-3 fatty acids can be a great way to help support normal levels of these cholesterol subfractions. Nordic Naturals omega-3 fatty acids were used for the test, and it was found that they may help to reduce cholesterol subfractions. If you struggle with heart disease, and have normal cholesterol levels, omega-3 fatty acids might help to reduce cholesterol subfractions and help with your heart disease.

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