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Does Counting Sheep Work?

Natural Sleep Remedies

sleepThere are many different tricks that people use to help themselves fall asleep. For the most part many of these are unhelpful, and if anything they just shine a light on how much trouble people actually have falling asleep. Counting sheep is an often suggested sleep aid trick, but does it actually work? According to one study, no, it does not, and since counting sheep is a farce, there is Sleep Already.

Researchers studied 50 different subjects to see how quickly they were able to fall asleep. The subjects were split into three groups. One visualized relaxing and calming scenes, like rolling meadows or a rushing water fall, one pictured sheep jumping over a fence, and the last group chose what they wanted to think about – if anything – before they went to sleep. This last group functioned as the control.

natural insomnia remedyThose that pictured the calming scenes were the most successful falling asleep, and on average this group fell asleep about 20 minutes sooner than they did on other nights. The group that thought about sheep jumping over the fence actually took longer to fall asleep than they usually did; finally proving that counting sheep to fall asleep is nothing but a myth.

When you’re trying to fall asleep nothing can be more annoying than dealing with racing thoughts, and this is probably why the group thinking about sheep was having such trouble falling asleep. Many of the natural sleep aids on the market, like Sleep Already, are effective, because they address the occurrence of racing thoughts. Sleep Already contains natural ingredients that promote the function of the brain’s gamma aminobutyric acid, or GABA.  GABA calms the mind and reduces frequent thoughts. By supporting GABA, these products are also helpful for the feelings of stress, anxiety, and other ailments that accompany an overactive brain.

StoneAge Wellness Sleep Already also supports healthy sleep in a number of other ways. It provides the body with L-Theanine to support healthy brain wave activity, and it also contains melatonin. Melatonin is naturally found within the body and when it is released it sends a biological signal that notifies the body to start preparing for sleep.

Sleep problems are also often times caused by poor nutrition. One nutrient that plays a key role in the body is magnesium. A lack of magnesium can lead to poor nervous function and can make it very difficult to fall asleep. Sleep Already supplies the body with magnesium to help combat any deficiency in this vital nutrient.

So now you know to no longer count sheep when trying to fall asleep. It not only doesn’t help you to fall asleep, but it can actually also keep you up for long periods of time. Instead, you may want to try picturing some calming and peaceful scenery, and even pair that up with a natural sleep supplement, like Sleep Already.


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