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Benefits of Whole Food Multi Vitamins

The Importance of Vitamins

vitaminsWhole food multiple vitamins; the thought conjures up wholesome foods and nutrients. That’s not why you should take them however. Whole food vitamins are the best vitamins to take for a good reason.

Whole food vitamins, such as Fundamental Daily, are superior to synthetic vitamins on several grounds. They contain food complexes and co-factors that are not found in ordinary vitamins so they are better absorbed by our bodies. In addition, these co-factors help to support our body’s health. And, since whole food vitamins mimic its natural form, they do not cause any unwanted side effects.

Synergy of Substances

Whole food vitamins, as their name indicates, are derived from whole foods which contain complex nutrients that are needed by our bodies. Unlike synthetic vitamins which are called “isolates” because they onlyfe-p-daily-multi-whole-food-90_4 contain a single form of nutrient, whole food supplements contain different combinations of vitamins and minerals like the ones you find in real foods. For example, a vitamin C supplement can never compete with the vitamin C found in an orange because the vitamin C in an orange interacts with different substances to provide your body with nourishment. An orange does not only contain vitamin C, but antioxidants, beta carotene, and flavonoids to provide your body with an excellent source of nutrition.

While eating whole foods is ideal, our lifestyle choices may not allow us to consume enough whole foods to obtain the necessary amounts of complex nutrients. Supplementing your healthy diet with whole food vitamins is the best alternative.

Vitamins Close to Nature

Aside from the synergy of food complexes and co-factors, whole food vitamins offer excellent nutrition in a form closest to that found in actual pure-encapsulations-pr506-3770_4food. Our bodies are uniquely set up to absorb the nutrition found in nature. Unlike chemical-based multivitamins, whole food vitamin supplements are recognized by our bodies the way they recognize real food. This results in more efficiency in absorbing vitamins and minerals which leads to better health.

Isolates, which are derived from chemicals, are only absorbed minimally and flushed out from our system because they are seen by the body as foreign substances. That’s why they are cheaper than whole food supplements. Whole food supplements may be more expensive, but since you absorb more of its valuable substances, you are getting more value from your purchase.

No Side Effects

Another reason why you should opt for whole food variants of multivitamins is because you do not risk acquiring any side effects that you might get from synthetic ones. Since they are regarded as foreign substances in our bodies, synthetic vitamins may tax your kidneys and liver. Some even report that they get itchy rashes from taking vitamins daily. Others have skin flushing as a side effect of ordinary vitamin pills. With whole food vitamins, you won’t worry about side effects because it will be like eating whole foods which are rich in fiber and other protective substances, such as phytochemicals.

With these three benefits, you are on your way to better health. Because you are consuming vitamins and minerals in its most natural forms, you are guaranteed an optimum lifestyle with more energy and without stressing over diseases. For a few more dollars than synthetic supplements, you get a higher quality product in whole food vitamins that deliver exceptional nutrition.


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