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Lavender Oil and Fundamental Shampoo

All Natural Shampoo

Fundamental Shampoo rivals any natural shampoo (chemical free shampoo) on the market. Its natural ingredients not only work to clean the hair, but they also support the actual health of the hair. Some of the natural ingredients promote well hydrated hair, while others maintain a healthy pH balance. One of the ingredients that separate Fundamental Shampoo from other products is lavender oil.

SLS Free ShampooFundamental Shampoo gets its pleasant scent from natural lavender oil, and this is a great alternative to artificial fragrances. Most of the shampoos found in showers across America use fragrances that utilize chemicals. These chemicals can cause damage to the skin, and they can also limit the ability of the endocrine system to regulate hormone levels. This can lead to a boost in estrogen throughout the body and increase the chances of cancer. Lavender oil is also a nourishing ingredient for the skin and hair. Lavender supports a healthy scalp, and it may also promote hair growth. Studies have shown that massaging an essential oil blend that includes lavender oil can stimulate new hair growth. It is believed to help increase the blood flow to the scalp, and this helps to keep the hair follicles nourished and healthy. Lavender also helps to support the health of the scalp by supporting skin cells. It can help to regenerate skin cells, and it may also soothe irritations. Lavender oil also fights bacteria on the skin, and this can help to fight acne and other skin irritations or conditions. This antiseptic property can help to combat a number of agents that cause dry scalp, and lavender oil may also help to moisturize the hair.

lavenderThe scent of lavender in and of itself can also be beneficial for the body. Lavender essential oil is one of the most commonly used oils in aromatherapy, and this is because it promotes feelings of calmness. After a long and stressful day, the soothing scent of lavender can help to bust stress and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Using a chemical free shampoo is the perfect way to nourish your hair. Fundamental Shampoo is made of ingredients that support healthy hair, and it even has lavender oil. Lavender oil can help to improve the health and growth of hair, and it also promotes the health of the scalp. In addition, the aroma of real lavender oil can promote a calm and relaxed demeanor. By using Fundamental Shampoo you aren’t just cleaning your hair, but also providing it with important nutrients.



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