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Important Role of Vitamin B12

Understanding the Benefits of Vitamin B12

  • Aids Digestionf329-90_5
  • Helps Vegans get enough vitamin B12
  • Improve Energy Levels
  • Aids Reproduction
  • Aids in Production of Melatonin

The benefits of vitamin B12 supplements are numerous. Given the role of Vitamin B12 in producing energy, reinforcing your immune responses, and monitoring the formation and development of red blood cells, it has also been called the “energy vitamin.” Unfortunately, studies conducted by the US Framingham trial reveal that a vitamin B12 deficiency has been detected in 1 out of 4 Americans. This means that close to 50% of the US population have low blood levels and a vitamin B12 supplement such as Unique B12 could be very helpful.

Vegetarians and vegans have to be especially careful about obtaining sufficient vitamin B12 – a vitamin that is obtained mostly from animal sources. If a person is deprived of the required B12 amounts, his nervous system could function below optimal levels; he could also suffer from poor vision.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Causes

f407-90_5One possible cause of vitamin B12 deficiency – age. Many people don’t realize it but as they get on in years, the higher is their risk of being deficient in this important vitamin. Two areas that lead to B12 deficiency are an insufficient diet and declining rates of absorption.

Nationals from India, for example, reportedly have high vitamin B12 deficiencies – about 80% of people in India, by virtue of their vegetarian ways – do not have enough of it. Note, however, that vegans or vegetarians are not the only candidates for a vitamin B12 deficiency. Taking a timed release B12 supplement such as DC Labs Vitamin B12 (shown on the left) can help supply vitamin B12 throughout the day.

The natural process of aging also disrupts the digestive tract. One cause of this disruption is what Americans eat every day. The stomach lining gradually gets weaker so it can’t produce hydrochloric acid – the agent that “extracts” vitamin B12 from what you eat.

The common practice of ingesting antacids and various remedies for an upset or acid stomach can also be blamed for the body’s inability to integrate vitamin B 12. Bacteria can be another leading cause of vitamin B12 deficiency. One such bacterium is the Helicobactor pylori, which puts the stomach at risk for moderate to serious ulcers, thereby aggravating a person’s deficiency.

It is worth noting that medical researchers have actually zeroed in on the main culprit: food-cobalamin malabsorption syndrome. It is the condition sprayology-b-12-folic-acid_4that lies behind a person’s lack of vitamin B12. It comes about when the stomach lining is incapable of producing a protein called the intrinsic factor. It helps the vitamin B12 bind, thus enabling the body to absorb it via the small intestine.

Do you often experience chronic fatigue and a lack of energy? Millions complain of the same thing and our country has one of the highest numbers of people who are often tired and run down. Try Sprayology Vitamin B12 with Folic Acid.


  • Processed foods readily available in stores and supermarkets do not contain sufficient nutrients
  • High sugar content in the modern diet
  • Manufacturers load up on chemicals to maintain shelf life of foods
  • Too many preservatives and artificial colors are added to processed foods…
  • Fast foods and convenience foods are calorie-laden but sorely lack essential vitamins and minerals

These are not the only reasons.

Add to the above the presence of caffeine, the increased levels of pollution, the aftermath of traditional therapies, and the daily stress that so characterizes 21st century lifestyles. No wonder everyone’s favorite line is, “I’m dead tired.”

All hope is not lost. Lost energy can be regained, and having more reserves of energy is possible without ingesting caffeine or any foods that generate energy spikes.

The miracle of vitamin B12 is that it can deliver the energy we need and crave.

Vitamin B12 delivers distinct benefits. What are these benefits?

Benefits of Vitamin B12

davinci-b12-plus-2214_4Folic acid – you’ve heard of the importance of folic acid particularly in terms of healthy blood cells. The first benefit therefore is: Vitamin B12 boosts folic acid’s ability to regulate red blood cells. It also conditions our body to optimize its use of iron. DaVinci Labs Vitamin B12 + contains folic acid for added benefit. In addition, it’s a chewable vitamin B12 supplement so it’s easy to take.

Vitamin B12 performs other functions: it is an effective digestion aid. It allows food to be properly and efficiently absorbed, and it promotes the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Vitamin B12 also maintains the health of our nervous system, facilitating the nerve network of the human body.

And yes, there are more benefits of Vitamin B12!

Cell formation and longevity of cells are two distinct roles that Vitamin B-12 plays. It contributes to a woman’s reproductive functions and promotes robust nerves by maintaining fatty sheaths that cover and protect sensitive nerve endings.

Health experts don’t call Vitamin B 12 a true workhorse for no reason. It is an indispensable micro-nutrient for proper blood circulation and adrenal hormone production. Just as important is that it fortifies your immune system.

We also must mention…

More stable moods and feelings of wellness can only happen when we have sufficient amounts of Vitamin B12. Moreover, it plays a remarkable role in maintaining excellent memory functions, increased concentration and mental alertness. Utilizing Metagenics Intrinsi B12 with Folate helps absorption since it contains the important intrinsic factor.

Who Needs to Take Vitamin B12?

  • People who follow a strictly vegetarian / vegan diet. People who eat carbohydrate-rich foods and people who avoid eating red meat. Reason: vegetarian meals mean that the nourishment you get comes from plant foods. While some health experts would advocate plant-based foods, most of these foods contain no Vitamin B12.
  • People who eat certain plant foods and who think they’re getting their fair share of B12. These are mere B12 analogs; they do not provide what the human body truly needs. To clarify, analogs are defined as substances that prevent the ingestion of genuine B12, leading to the condition where the body craves for more of this micro-nutrient.
  • People who are on Metformin. Metformin can disrupt the metabolism of calcium. This disruption consequently leads to a decrease of B12. This statement is proven by studies showing that 10% to 30% of people on Metformin have decreased B12 absorption rates. Your doctor is the best person to advise you on how to maintain your supply of B12 vitamins if you’re taking Metformin.
  • People who have sleep problems. Reason: Vitamin B 12 aids in the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the sleep hormone. It helps people get restful and uninterrupted sleep.

Aging is also often blamed for problematic sleep. This is because our bodies experience difficulties in producing this hormone naturally. If you yearn for the days when you slept like a child, it’s time to fill up on vitamin B12 supplements, such as DaVinci Chewable B12.

Other Symptoms of Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

Many people are not aware that a lack of Vitamin B12 could trigger the following conditions or disorders:

  • Fatigue/generalized weakness
  • Inefficient nervous system
  • Poor vision
  • Decreased appetite and unexplained weight loss
  • Periodic bloating and difficult bowel movements
  • Mood swings
  • Memory lapses
  • Nervousness / anxieties
  • Lack of balance or equilibrium (the feeling that your walking is uneven)
  • Liver and heart problems
  • Appearance of grey hairs even at a young age
  • Erratic digestion

If you or members of your family experience any of the above for prolonged periods, the cause could be a deficiency in vitamin B12. Consider taking B12 supplements…even if you are already eating foods that are good sources of B12. Using DaVinci Labs Vegetarian Vitamin B12 Spray is an easy way to assure adequate supply and fast absorption.

For example, people who regularly include milk, eggs, brewer’s yeast, lamb’s liver, clams, mackerel and other seafood in their daily diet are still diagnosed with having low levels of B12. This can be explained by the fact that the body cannot absorb it from your digestive organs. It needs the presence of a protein that will help in the absorption of B12. In scientific lingo, that protein is called the intrinsic factor. This intrinsic factor is produced in the stomach lining. However, if a person’s gastrointestinal system is not working the way it should, that person needs to take B12 supplements.

Final word: if you’re over 50, chances are your ability to absorb B12 is lower. You might want to consider a natural Vitamin B12 supplement such as Unique B12 to promote overall health and wellness.


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