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Personal Care Products for EnvironementPersonal care items are products that we all use on a daily basis to keep up with appearances and to create a good impression on others. Unfortunately, the majority of the products used everyday have harsh chemicals that can harm the body and damage the environment. For the safety and health of you and your family, as well as the environment, you should try the products produced by Fundamental Earth. Fundamental Earth has a full line of natural personal care products that include:

These products are natural and chemical free, so they are safe for daily use and safe for the environment.

Personal Care Products and Environmental Risks

An alarming study came out in Scientific American that shined a light on fe-pc-shampoo-grapefruit-12_6how the chemicals from personal care products persist in the environment. Researchers tested the air in downtown Chicago, as well as in Cedar Rapids and West Branch, Iowa. The levels of chemicals found in Chicago were ten times higher than that of West Branch and four times higher than Cedar Rapids. The most common chemical found in Chicago was D5, which is commonly used in lotion, shampoo, soap, and other personal care products. D5 can be dangerous to humans, and it is commonly linked to immune, nervous, and liver dysfunction. D4 was also found, and this can be particularly harmful to aquatic ecosystems. At the current levels that D4 can be found in the environment it is dangerous to aquatic wildlife, and poses a threat the rainbow trout population. Clearly these chemicals are not meant to be introduced to humans or to the environment, but everyday they are used and distributed throughout the world.

It’s time to take a stand against the companies that produce personal care products that are rich in chemicals. These companies knowingly distributefe-pc-mud-face-mask-8_4 chemicals that are harmful to your health and to the environment, and it’s all in the name of saving a couple cents. Luckily for you, taking a stand against these companies and chemicals doesn’t require much of a change to your daily life. Using Fundamental Earth products is a great way to reduce the amount of chemicals that you consume and that are distributed throughout the environment. Fundamental Earth has a full line of beauty products, and you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need in these products that are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly.


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