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Fight Inflammation within the Digestive System

Improve Digestion

stomach (1)Maintaining healthy digestive function is an important aspect to your overall health. With today’s unhealthy diets largely made up of processed foods that contribute to poor digestive health, inflammatory bowel diseases have become more common. Inflammation within the digestive system can cause a number of health problems and digestive ailments. Inflammatory bowel diseases, like Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis, cause the intestines to become inflamed and this can hinder the body’s absorption of nutrients. Inflammation can lead to symptoms, like:

  • Pain and Cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Poor Appetite
  • Nausea
  • Weight Loss

pure-encapsulations-pgi6-2667_4If these symptoms persist your health can rapidly deteriorate, so it is important to address any inflammatory symptoms within the digestive system as soon as possible.  When initially dealing with inflammatory bowel disease, or IBS, changing the diet can be helpful.  Raw foods that are rich in natural enzymes fight inflammation, and so can consuming fermented foods.  Fermented foods and drinks not only provide support for the fight against inflammation, but they are also very healthy.  Fermented foods provide the digestive system with probiotics, and this can help to promote a healthy bacterial balance and fight digestive inflammation. The probiotics provided by fermented foods can also help with the digestion of food, and this may limit stress on the digestive tract. Some popular foods that are fermented include kimchi or sauerkraut, and there are also fermented drinks, like apple cider vinegar or kombucha. Managing stress can also be helpful for digestive inflammation, and to help with this it is essential to make sure that the body gets plenty of sleep.

Supplementation can also be a great way to natural fight digestive inflammation, and Fundamental Probiotic and Fundamental Enzymes can help to reduce inflammation within the digestive tract. Oftentimes a probiotic supplement works better than just increasing the amount of fermented foods that are consumed, because probiotic supplements provide the digestive tract with numerous strains of probiotics and billions of individual beneficial bacteria. These can help the immune system to promote healthy inflammatory responses, and research has suggested that the inflammatory benefits provided by probiotics may even help with arthritis.

Enzymes work to breakdown food, and they are essential to complete and healthy digestion, as well as a number of biological functions throughout the body. Enzymes come in numerous forms and types, and each one helps to digest a specific type of food. Shortages in enzymes are among the leading causes of digestive trouble, and inflammation can contribute to stomach upset and poor digestion. Supplementing with Fundamental Enzymes can offer help for inflammation, and Fundamental Enzymes is one of the best options, because it:

  • Offers the Body Numerous Enzymes
  • Contains Natural Ingredients in a Chemical Free Formula
  • Made by a Trustworthy Company

fe-p-enzymes-digestive-90_4Enzymes offer help with inflammation by promoting the proper function and levels of circulating immune complexes. Circulating immune complexes create inflammation within the body, but they also have other important functions within the body. Taking a prescription non steroidal anti inflammatory stops the body from producing these complexes, and this can have negative effects on the body. Using enzymes to help with inflammation doesn’t stop the body from making circulating immune complexes, and they just help to digest the complexes that actively contribute to inflammation. Supplementing with enzymes may also help to reduce pain within the digestive system.

The diets and lifestyles that make up America’s contemporary landscape can reduce the function and cause harm to the digestive system. This can lead to poor digestion and inflammation within the digestive tract. Making a change in diet and supplementing with Fundamental Probiotic and Fundamental Enzymes can help to limit inflammation within the digestive system, and promote the proper and complete digestion of the foods that you eat.


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