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Formula 303: A Possible Alternative to Prescription Painkillers

An All Natural Supplement

Prescription drug overdoses in women are on the rise. The dangers of prescription drugs seem to become more apparent every day. They put regular users in a stranglehold and it makes the dependant think that life without these drugs is impossible. It is time to take a stand against these pharmaceuticals and start looking for alternatives that are safe and effective. One option is Formula 303, which is produced by DC Labs. Formula 303 is a natural muscle relaxer that also provides support to those that deal with anxiety.

Natural Muscle Relaxant

Prescription drugs can be dangerous for everyone, but they tend to affect women more, because women are more likely to experience chronic pain and are to receive prescription painkillers. Women also tend to receive higher doses than men despite the fact that they are smaller. These factors have contributed to statistical trends. Since 1999 the amount of women dying from prescription drug overdoses has increased 400 percent, which is about 42 women a day. This is startling when you compare it to the male increase of 265 percent. Prescription drugs have even become more dangerous than street drugs, like cocaine and heroin. In 2010 over 6500 women died from prescription drugs, and this is astounding when taken into consideration that this is four times the amount of those that died from both heroin and cocaine.

Formula 303 uses natural ingredients to fight muscle spasm and thereby alleviating pain. It contains magnesium, valerian root, and passion flower. These ingredients act as natural painkillers, and they can be helpful for muscle spasms and pain. Formula 303 may also help to calm the mind, so it can be beneficial for stress, anxiety, and bouts of panic.

Prescription drugs have caused damage for decades, and in recent years they have taken a toll on the health of women all over the country. The amount of fatal overdoses has increased astronomically, and it’s time for society to start cutting back on these drugs. Formula 303 is a natural muscle relaxer and natural painkiller that can help you to cut back on your prescription drug consumption. Formula 303 even helps to fight anxiety and stress, so it may also act as an alternative to anxiety medications.


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