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Radius Toothbrush Review

BPA, Your Teeth, & Radius Toothbrush

There are toxins and pollutants that you try to avoid every single day, but some of these toxins can be almost impossible to dodge. Bisphenol-A, or BPA, is one chemical that you most likely come in contact with multiple times every day. It taints the plastics that you use and even the receipts that stores hand out, and it has traditionally been known to harm the endocrine system. However, a recent study has shown that it can also lead to poor oral health and tooth decay.

The study took place in Paris at the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale, and researchers looked at how BPA exposure affected the development of rats. The researchers studied rats between birth and 100 days of age, and compared the rats that were exposed to BPA to those that weren’t. The rats who were introduced to BPA generally began to show a decline in oral health by day 30. Albumin, which is globular protein, started to gather on the teeth and molar incisor hypomineralization started to set in. The rat’s teeth became brittle and the enamel began to breakdown. This led scientists to believe that a decline in oral health could be an early indicator of over exposure to BPA. Some other studies have also indicated that BPA can lead to poor reproductive health, brain damage, and sometimes cancer.

Radius ToothbrushSo with the early effects of BPA occurring within the mouth it is clear that products containing BPA should be kept out of the mouth. Unfortunately, many of the oral hygiene products that are used on a daily basis contain BPA. Toothbrushes, plastic flossers, and even some fillings are all made using BPA, but one line of products that is safe and BPA free is Radius. Radius makes quite a few different toothbrushes, floss, and plastic carrying cases. When first looking at a Radius toothbrush it’s hard to overlook their sleek and often innovative design, but upon further inspection one will find that their products are durable, ergonomic, and, best of all, BPA free.


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