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Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Why Take Whey?

Most people know that a pure whey protein supplement can help bodybuilders build muscle. In addition, whey protein concentrate can help to prevent muscle loss in athletes. However, what many people don’t know is that there are other fundamental proteinhealth benefits and reasons to take a whey protein supplement.

Some of the health benefits include the following:

A whey protein supplement can help your body balance blood sugar and maintain healthy blood sugar levels following a meal.  Recent research reveals that having lower blood sugar following a meal is healthier than having a reduced fasting blood sugar level. Of course for your protein supplement to help you with healthy sugar levels you should take a protein supplement such as Fundamental Protein which is 100% pure whey protein and does not contain any added sugar or sweeteners.

A protein supplement can help the body promote healthy secretion of insulin which is an important factor in achieving good health. Without healthy secretion of insulin,  Type 2 diabetes is a possibility.

  • Helps maintain the body’s normal blood pressure levels.
  • Supports the immune system via immunoglobulins contained in the whey protein powder.
  • Provides optimum levels of amino acids for muscle building.
  • Helps prevent sarcopenia or muscle loss that occurs as we age.
  • Since protein is very filling, a person may eat less calories from eating too many carbohydrates.

There are so many benefits to a high quality protein supplement that most people should probably be using protein powder on a daily basis.


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