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Mediterranean Diet from Supplements

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

health foodThe region of the Mediterranean has become known for its beautiful weather, rich culture, and seemingly healthy population. The Mediterranean diet has long been hailed for its ability to nutritionally support the body and not harm the cardiovascular system, and this has lead many people to try to mimic the Mediterranean diet in their own home. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to cut many of the calories out of the Mediterranean diet, and it is often times accompanied by starchy foods and foods that are high in carbohydrates, like pasta or bread. If you find yourself having trouble avoiding carbohydrates or cutting calories, you may want to try to extract the benefits of the Mediterranean diet through supplementation.

The Supplements

            DC Labs Oil of Oregano

One staple of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil. DC Labs has a great olive oil supplement that is also supported by oregano extract, which is called DC Labs Oil of Oregano. Olive oil may help the cardiovascular system by lowering diastolic and systolic blood pressure, and it may also be beneficial for the immune system. Providing the body with oregano can be a great source for antioxidants, and it may also help to promote proper digestion.

Red wine is also an important part of the Mediterranean diet. It provides the body with resveratrol, but red wine is also pretty high in calories. A resveratrol supplement can be the perfect way to get this beneficial nutrient without the calories associated with alcohol. Resveratrol has been celebrated for ability to lower cholesterol and provide beneficial antioxidants that help the body in its fight against free radicals. There are quite a few beneficial sources of resveratrol, and some of these include:

All of these supplements are a natural and safe source of resveratrol that can provide the body with this nutrient without the extra calories.


fe-p-omega-3-enteric-60_4 (1)
                 Fundamental Omega

Fish is also found in the Mediterranean diet, and through this the Mediterranean region consumes plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are among the most beneficial nutrients, and many North Americans don’t receive enough omega 3s. Omega 3 fatty acids and fish oil supplements provide wonderful support for the heart and the brain. Their most beneficial constituents, EPA and DHA, can help to improve blood flow and triglyceride levels, while also promoting healthy cognitive function and emotional health. They are also commonly used to support healthy inflammatory responses, and there are numerous fish oil supplements. Nordic Naturals provides high quality fish oils in various forms, and the OmegaGenics line by Metagenics is also a great source of omega 3s. There is also Fundamental Omega 3, which is a high potency fish oil supplement that has been molecularly distilled and processed using wild caught fish. Any of these supplements can provide the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids without the actually consumption of fish.

           Davinci Olive Leaf Extract

The Mediterranean diet is a great way to consume nutrients that are beneficial for the cardiovascular system, but many of the foods consumed through this diet can be high in calories or carbohydrates. Because of this it can be hard to lose weight while partaking in this diet. However, there is a way to get the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and that is through careful and diligent supplementation. Taking an olive leaf supplement, resveratrol supplement, and an omega 3 fatty acid supplement can help your body get the benefits of the Mediterranean diet without the extra calories.


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