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Vitamin K and Diabetes

The Benefits of Vitamin K

As American diets become more and more unhealthy the occurrence of diabetes continues to be a major problem for people of all ages. Diabetes is caused by poor blood sugar levels, and as blood sugar increases it negatively affects the body’s blood sugar testtissues and cells. High blood sugar is capable of causing damage to nearly every part of the body, but Vitamin K may offer some help.

Recent research has shown that supplementing with Vitamin K may help to fight off diabetes in the elderly, and research suggests that it may lower the risk by as much as 50 percent. Researchers in Spain found that those with lower levels of Vitamin K1 were at a much higher risk for diabetes than those with sufficient amounts of the vitamin. Some of the researchers believe that the positive effects on blood sugar were actually caused by the same actions that make Vitamin K so beneficial for the bones. They believe that the metabolism of osteocalcin helped reduce the risk of diabetes. Osteocalcin is an important protein for the bones, because it helps to transport calcium from the blood to the bone and it also helps to reduce the risk of demineralization within the bones.

davinci-vitamin-k2-plus-5867_4There are a number of steps that everybody can take to reduce their risk of diabetes.  Above all else a healthy diet is essential, but so is providing your body with the nutrients that it needs. Now that we know that Vitamin K can help to fight off diabetes everybody should take the necessary steps to maintain healthy levels of Vitamin K.


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