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intraMAX Reviews

Lots of Positive Feedback for intraMAX!

drl-max33_4We have many intraMAX reviews from satisfied customers. intraMAX is the high potency liquid nutritional supplement created by Drucker Labs. It was researched and analyzed for over 20 years.  This organic multi-vitamin is naturally rich in carbon, oxygen, and fulvic acid.  intraMAX contains over 415 nutrients, and is complete with over 70 – 100% organic trace minerals, enzymes, and intraCELL V technology.
Doctors have researched the processes that went into developing intraMAX, and have determined that it is a quality and one of a kind product.  intraMAX is doctor recommended.
With over 20 years of research, you can be sure that IntraMAX is a quality product that is effective, but if you’re not sure if intraMAX is for you check out some of the reviews.  After all who knows better than the consumers of intraMAX.

See what others are saying about intraMAX:

“Love this product. It gives me everything I need in one little liquid cup :)”
“I depend on these vitamins for health issues and the delivery time is 2 days with free shipping! What Service! Wow! Thanks Earth Turns! Your 10% discounts also help me out!”
“I have only been using this product for two days and already I have slept all through the night and woken up feeling refreshed and clear headed. I am 62 and feel like I’m no older than 30. Three days ago I felt like I was over 80 – aches and pains, insomnia, and hungry all the time.”
“I no longer have the mid afternoon burn out feeling. Increase in energy.”
“I am a 51 year old women with multiple sclerosis, i had to take vitamin shots everyday for energy, i have been using interamax about 6 months, i now only take my shots about once a week. Gotta love that. it works.”

“We’ve been using intraMAX for years and love the energy it delivers.”
“intraMAX promises a lot and seems to do a good job delivering on the promise. I was disappointed in the second bottle which contained a great deal of “sediment” from the first serving. I was told that I probably got “the end of the batch”. The bottle was happily and promptly replaced free of charge and this bottle is good. I have a concern in the back of my mind about what exactly the sediment was and why it was there as I thought the fulvic acid would fractionate the minerals down into tiny particles. But, I’m no scientist. I just hope the quality control catches inconsistencies in the future. Having said all that, I really like intraMAX for an all round, cover-everything-supplement and feel good on it. It seems to help my mental clarity-something I sometimes struggle with especially when tired. I think it is a good idea to follow the recommended doses for the week including the one-day-off, as too much vital poisons is as bad as not enough. By the way, it IS delicious!”
“Yes, there are other liquid vitamins out there, but they aren’t as tasty as this one is. The only CON is the price.”
“Diabetes in check, Muscle movement fluid, energy levels unreal. Excellent sleep patterns Very happy with the product!!!”

“This product is great!”
“Really it is hard to put into words what Intramax does for us. Especially for my wife who was really not doing well (I mean REALLY – let me spare you the details). I have the feeling, belief and facts that she improved so much by having the Intramax daily. I recommend it HIGHLY. Apart for the physical well being it also helps against depressive moods or if you are experiencing a low energy level. It’s a life saver and I’m grateful it exists. Thanks Earth Turns for being our supplier all the way to The Netherlands. -Joshua”
“So convenient to have a small travel size of the intraMax. It is a great product.”
“Since the intraMAX Multivitamin is liquid it has allowed me to absorb much needed nutrients. I have Type I Diabetes (34 yrs), liver & digestion problems (not able to properly absorb nutrients from pills or food). Your health is worth the money for this product!”
“As always very fast shipping. thank you. We are on our second bottle. i have noticed that the little bumps and pimple on my chest and Back are gone. we have gotten a couple of colds and taken this vitamin along with other herbs and didn’t notice any improvements but I know we are going to continue taking it and look forward to a great health.”
“Before I ordered the intraMAX travel size I had no energy and was kind of depressed now i have more energy and not so depressed. the taste is great. the only flaw is the price for the regular size bottles. It makes it almost impossible for fixed income people to order such a good product. But other then that when I can I will purchase the regular size one.”

We want to thank our customers for taking the time to write these intraMAX reviews. This helps others make an informed decision and we appreciate your help.


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