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How to Increase Muscle Size

Supplement Support for Building Muscle

With summer quickly approaching many of you will flock to the gym in order to get in shape for beach season. Exercise is a great way to help your body bounce back from the lethargic winter months; however there are many people that don’t Big Musclessupport their hard work in the gym properly. You not only have to make sure that you work out in a healthy manner, but you also have to do the right things when you’re not in the gym. In fact, the routine you get into outside of the gym can be just as important as the time that you spend inside of the gym.

Build Muscle

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         Whey Protein Concentrate

When trying to build muscle it is important to not have a stagnant routine. You want to address many different muscles groups through different exercises and angles. Every couple of weeks you should change your routine slightly just to allow your muscles to be worked out in a different way. It is also essential to have a routine that won’t damage your body, and because of this you should strive to get a good work out without over working the muscles. A standard muscle building exercise should not go much longer than 45 minutes, and about 12 sets per muscle group is generally best. Often times people over work the muscles through routines that involve 20 or more sets, but this is simply and undeniably too much.

Overusing muscles and exercising too much can be accompanied by injuries that can sideline you for days, weeks, and even months. One of the most common signs of overuse is inflammation, and this can cause intense discomfort within the joints. Inflammation can lead to shin splints, and it may also cause tendinitis  which is inflammation of the connective tissues. Strains, like stretches or tears in the muscles, may also occur, and stress fractures are also a source of exercise injury. Stress fractures occur when the tired muscles can’t properly absorb exercise induced shock.

It is also beneficial to use workouts that exercise numerous muscle groups at once, and some of these include:

  • Pull Ups
  • Dead Lifts
  • Squats

These exercises work multiple muscle groups, and they largely depend on your body’s weight and resistance.

Everybody that is trying to build muscle is looking to achieve that burning sensation.  However, this can also lead to tight and constricted muscles. During this time the possibility of injuring the body is increased, so it is important to stretch. Stretching will not only help to keep the body healthy, but it will also help to improve mobility and support recovery time.

Muscle Nutrition

When you’re engaged in an exercise routine that calls for frequent workouts the body is in constant need of fuel. In order to build muscle the body needs nutrients to quickly and completely repair and grow the damaged muscle. Since the body depends on a supply of nutrients during these times of frequent exercise you should split your three daily meals into six meals. When doing this calorie counting becomes incredibly important, because it can be easy to consume too many calories. A complete and healthy diet is essential, because vitamins and minerals are needed by the body. Minerals, in particular, work to strengthen the bones, and this helps to provide the body with the strength and structure to take on heavy weight lifting or strenuous activity. Supplementation may also be needed to make up for nutritional short comings, and some common muscle growth supplements include:

  • Protein – Protein Shakes are a great way to get a nutrient dense food with very few calories. Protein provides the body with the raw materials that it needs to repair the muscles.
  • Gluconic DMG provides both physical and mental support. It is a methyl donor, and it may help to maximize physical performance.
  • Velvet Deer Antler Extract supplies the body with growth factors that may help to improve muscle growth.
  • Creatine is also commonly used by those trying to build muscle. Creatine helps the body to create energy, and this allows the body to potentially work out harder or longer.
Natural Sleep Supplement
        Natural Sleep Supplement

Getting plenty of sleep is also important, because it allows your body resting time to repair itself. You must also eliminate stress as best you can, and this is one of the most overlooked aspects of building muscle. When you’re stressed the body releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for stimulating many of the body’s reactions to stress, and it can also cause the breakdown of muscle and storage of fat.  Stress can quickly hinder your body’s ability to build muscle.

If you’ve been going to the gym regularly, but are still wondering how to increase muscle size, you may not be properly supporting your exercise routine when you’re out of the gym. Proper exercise routines are essential to your body’s ability to build muscle, but it is also important to eat right and support your body when you’re out of the gym. The body depends on a healthy and complete diet, and because of this supplementation may be important. You should also limit sources of stress and get plenty of sleep. If you follow the tips in the article you might find it just a little bit easier to get your body ready for the beach.


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