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Nasal Irrigation – Neti Pot

Hygiene for your Nose

dandelionWhen spring comes around, most people run to the drugstore to prepare for the onset of their allergies. Their noses are runny and their chests are congested. The feeling is like their noses act as “safe harbor” to pollens and bacteria.

The nose is a sensitive organ, and when it does not receive the proper care it deserves, problems occur. Luckily for us, there’s a more efficient alternative to nose care: nasal irrigation. It’s a lot safer than the drugs we buy over the counter, and millions of people have experienced tangible benefits from natural nasal irrigation.

What does nasal irrigation do exactly? It eliminates the agents that come from the air we breathe and which penetrate our already over-charged system. In a nutshell, natural nasal irrigation flushes out toxins in the nose and sinuses. Performed regularly, it gets rid of pollutants and irritants that put pressure on our ability to breathe.

Lest you think nasal irrigation is an iffy approach to a healthy nose, no other than the Mayo Clinic encourages allergy sufferers to use nasal irrigation on a regular basis. In early 2009, a study revealed that those who irrigate their noses twice a day experienced relief from symptoms.

No expensive equipment is required to perform nasal irrigation. Probably the best way to perform nasal irrigation is to use the “neti pot.” The neti pot was actually featured on the Oprah show and it is a device similar to a little oil lamp with a long spout and is used by yoga practitioners. The practice, in Ayurvedic yoga, is called jala neti.

Allergy symptoms like irritated eyes, ears, nose and throat accompanied by fever, fatigue, sinusitis and itching are conditions that nasal irrigation can help alleviate. There is no doubt that jala neti has proven to be the most inexpensive but effective way to filter out and wash away the symptom triggers that beset us during certain times in the year.

Benefits of Nasal Irrigation

The principal function and benefit of nasal irrigation is to decrease or in-57282-2822_4remove those recurring irritants that tend to make breathing more laborious and cumbersome. Because the neti pot contains salt, it cleanses our nasal tract, enabling our bodies to heal naturally. Substances like antihistamines, antibiotics or over-the-counter symptom relievers do not really treat the causes, bringing about only short term relief. They do not go to the root cause nor do they prevent recurrence.

Benefit # 1 of nasal irrigation: it acts as an effective natural sinus remedy to ward off environmental pollutants so that we can avoid the symptoms. If performed regularly, it puts a stop to future nose problems and breathing difficulties.

In a separate study involving children, nasal irrigation with a saline solution proved to be an effective treatment for respiratory inconveniences. It was so effective that the children being monitored did not have to be administered drugs like nasal sprays with steroids.

Benefit # 2 of nasal irrigation: it is the ideal approach for routine cleansing. The whole concept of cleaning has in fact been a component of yoga for hundreds of decades. People who follow this cleansing ritual use a neti pot and pour salted warm water into one nostril and let it out in the other. Others go as far as exhaling the water vigorously to clear nasal passages.

People who have practiced this form of nasal irrigation were less susceptible to the common cold.

Benefit # 3 of nasal irrigation: the salt component in nasal irrigation not only has healing properties but also has a purifying effect on nasal passages. Salt also acts as a disinfectant.

People who suffer from chronic sinus infections will realize the benefits of saline nasal irrigation after consistently doing it for several months.

Suffering from Allergies and Hay Fever?

Relieving the symptoms of conditions like sinusitis, seasonal allergies or hay fever is not the same as treating the cause of those symptoms. To recover from allergies completely, people need to:

1.) Fortify their immune system – one way of making your immune system more resistant is to decrease your sugar intake and grains from the diet. Immune Aid is a natural homeopathic remedy from Vaxa that can help to boost your immune system. In addition, taking plenty of fresh air and coping with daily stress are two other ways to boost immunity from disease.

thorne-research-d138-8013_42.) Engage in regular physical exercise – it has been shown that children who exercise regularly have fewer incidences of hay fever than those who do not engage in physical exercise.

3.) Increase Omega-3 intakeOmega-3, which is found in fish oils is said to effectively prevent allergy flare-ups and inflammation of nasal and respiratory tissues. A quality Omega 3 supplement that is molecularly distilled to assure no heavy metals is key.

4.) Take plenty of Vitamin D – regular doses of Vitamin D can also help reduce inflammation.

5.) Use a complete probiotic – make sure you include a high quality complete probiotic in your daily diet. We all need good bacteria to replace the ones that are destroyed by the prescription drugs we take. A full spectrum probiotic will assure adequate immune system integrity and help with antibodies that are sometimes responsible for triggering allergies, and will maintain the IgG antibody that is known as a “protector” against allergy propagators.

6.) Install an Air Purifier – while some people find a humidifier sufficient,v686 those with really severe symptoms prefer to install an additional device like an air purifier. Some allergy triggers are found outside the home and some are found inside, examples of which are airborne allergens. The use of an air purifier reduces the chances of your living space becoming a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and other agents.

7.) Use a Natural Sinus Remedy – Sinus Formula, by Vaxa, is a natural homeopathic remedy that was designed to help relive sinus pressure and sinus congestion. Used in conjunction with the neti pot, many people attain great relief.


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  1. Curious as I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere, but I was wrong ndeing if nasal irrigation helps is taking away the dark circles under the eyes. Someone suggested this at a party was at and I’ve been checking to se if this is true or not. Can you please help me find the answer to this. Thank you for your help in advance.

    1. In doing a google search, there are some articles that say that the dark circles can be caused from nasal congestion and that nasal irrigation may help.

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