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Protein and Energy Bars

Benefits of Protein Bars

               Peanut Butter Protein Bar

Health bars serve a number of purposes.  Some people consume them to get a few extra grams of protein, some eat them for a boost of energy, and some use them to help with weight loss.  No matter what reason you use health bars for, you should know that many of the health food bars sold across America aren’t actually healthy.  It is essential to pay close attention to the ingredients in protein, energy, and meal replacement bars, because some of these ingredients are unhealthy and may lead to weight gain.

Everybody should closely monitor the amount of fats and sugars that they consume, and a lot of health bars are packed with these unwanted ingredients.  Many of the foods that people actively try to avoid contain sugar, so why consume a health bar that is packed with sugar?  Sugar is one of the largest contributors to obesity, and when it isn’t burned off for energy, it is stored in the body’s fat cells.  This can lead to weight gain, and it may also increase the risk of heart disease.  The introduction of excessive amounts of sugar to the digestive tract may also make it easier for candida albicans to replicate.  This can harm the immune system, and it may also cause a number of infections within the digestive system.

Sugar also causes tooth decay and it can drastically alter oral health.  When sugar levels are constantly high it can lead to diabetes.  This may cause damage to the body’s tissues, so it is important to monitor their levels.  Many are shocked by the large amounts of sugar that they unknowingly consume from health bars, so take a look at the labels.
Many health bars also contain hydrogenated fats and oils.  These fats are terrible for the body, and they can drastically spike cholesterol levels.  This can greatly increase the risk of heart disease, and it may eventually lead to a heart attack or stroke.  It is believed that consuming two grams of hydrogenated vegetable oil a day can increase the risk of heart attack by 23%.  With all these risks that hydrogenated oils and fats pose many people want to know why their included in the products that are consumed by the masses.  The answer is quite simple: hydrogenated fats and oils are cheap.  Instead of using butter, hydrogenated fats and oils are much less expensive and easier to produce.

        Double Chocolate Protein Bar

Finding a health bar that is actually healthy can be difficult, but Metagenics makes a great bar: ProteinFusion.  This is a versatile health bar, and it provides a wide spectrum of nutrients.  It starts by delivering 20 grams of protein.  This can benefit those who partake in intense workouts on a daily basis, those who are just looking for a healthy alternative for lunch, or those who are trying to lose weight.  Protein supports a lean body mass, and it helps to repair the muscles after exercise. ProteinFusion also supplies the body with important vitamins and minerals.  It has Vitamin A, C, E, and numerous B vitamins, as well as minerals, like calcium, magnesium, manganese, and potassium.  Protein Fusion is also only 240 calories, so this nutritionally dense health bar is a great alternative to a full meal.

If you’re regularly eating health bars you shouldn’t just assume that they are healthy.  It is important to meticulously read the nutrition facts and labels in order to determine what is actually in them.  Health bars of all kinds regularly include unhealthy ingredients, like refined sugars and hydrogenated fats and oils.  Using a safe and healthy health bar, like Metagenics ProteinFusion, can make all the difference as you try to reach your health goals.


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