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Green Tea and the Battle to Quit Smoking

The Many Benefits of Green Tea

green-teaThe production and consumption of tobacco is steeped in American culture.  In the early years of America tobacco plantations covered lush farmland, and many people made a fortune on the sale of tobacco.  However, many were ignorant to the negative effects of tobacco.  Today, we generally recognize smoking as a vile habit that stains the teeth and makes clothing smell like trash.  Most people that smoke accept these facts, but are simply unable or unwilling to quit.  Everybody should quit smoking cigarettes, and when you decide to quit smoking a green tea supplement might be just what you need.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

When quitting smoking a number of physical side effects can occur.  Anxiety, stress, and depression may all set in, but surprisingly it seems like these are least of many people’s concerns.  Most people seem to be concerned with the weight gain that they may experience during the quitting process.  A lot of people around the world use green tea for weight loss, and it may help to combat the extra pounds that quitting might add.  Smoking boosts the metabolism, so when a person stops their metabolism begins to slow down.  The consumption of green tea can help to speed up the metabolism, and some believe that green tea alone can help to burn 160 extra calories.  Green tea also helps the body to burn extra energy, so it is a great way to help combat the weight gain that is associated with quitting smoking.

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Green tea supplements also have a number of other benefits for those whopure-encapsulations-te1-7427_4 have just quit smoking.  It provides antioxidants to the body, and these may help to fight the free radicals that smoking caused.  Free radicals are frequently precursors to cancer, and they attack cells within the lungs and throughout the body.  Antioxidants are one of the best ways to naturally fight free radicals, so they provide phenomenal support.  Antioxidants also benefit the immune system, which is constantly being damaged during smoking.  Many people also think that smoking just harms the lungs, but it also creates incredible damage within the heart and cardiovascular system.  Green tea may help to offer cardiovascular support, and it can be a great way to support healthy cholesterol levels.  Although smoking doesn’t necessarily raise cholesterol levels, the cardiovascular system will appreciate the support green tea has to offer.

Green tea can be a wonderful way to support the process of quitting smoking.  Perhaps one of the most common fears of quitting is the weight gain that frequently accompanies it, but a green tea supplement may help to boost the metabolism.  Green tea also provides wonderful antioxidants that can help to scavenge free radicals from the body, and it may also help to support the cardiovascular system.  If you’re considering quitting smoking, take a look at some of the great green tea products at EarthTurns.


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