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vitaminsIf you take vitamins chances are you are probably conscious of your overall health. Multivitamins and supplements provide nutritional support to the body, but did you know that the vitamins you take can contain potentially harmful chemicals? Many of the vitamins sold in stores across the country contain chemicals and other harmful ingredients such as; synthetic sugar, dyes, titanium dioxide, and sodium benzoate. Many vitamins also contain preservatives to extend the products shelf life, but this could cause harm to the consumer (you!). It is important to find a brand of vitamins and supplements that are natural, safe, and effective. It can be difficult to wade through the labels and reviews, but there are safe vitamins are out there. Some brands that are chemical free and safe include:

These vitamins provide natural ingredients that the body is able to utilize.fe-p-daily-multi-whole-food-90_4 (3) When searching for chemical free vitamins it may also be wise to look for whole food vitamins. Whole food vitamins provide nutrients in their natural form. This is important to the body’s ability to absorb and utilize the vitamins, because it provides the body with nutrients in their natural form and ratio. Stop consuming vitamins that are made with chemicals. These chemicals can reduce the effectiveness of the vitamin, and they may also harm the body. If you suspect you may be consuming ineffective vitamins, try one of the listed brands above. They are safe, effective, and made with natural ingredients that your body will love.


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