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Sprayology TravelEase Review

All Natural Remedy for Jet Lag

If you find yourself in multiple time zones in one week you know the affect it can have on your sleep and overall well-being. When you’re traveling for business it is important to get your rest and to maintain your mental sharpness, however jet lag can make it hard to fall asleep and zap you of your mental energy. Sprayology TravelEase is a homeopathic spray for those who find themselves frequently traveling and dealing with jet lag.

How Does TravelEase Work?

Sprayology Travel Ease is one of the easiest ways to help combat jet lag, and it can be quickly and discreetly used to help fight off jetlag. To fight jetlag you simply have to administer two sprays under the tongue before departure, another spray two hours later, and then another spray once you’ve landed. These sprays may help to reduce the occurrence of fatigue, dehydration, disorientation, and insomnia, and it contains these natural ingredients:

  • Sprayology-TravelEase-63x300Indian Cockle Tree helps to reduce fatigue and drowsiness during the day. This helps to keep you sharp as you go about your business, and then at night Indian cockle tree also works to promote a complete and restful night’s sleep.
  • Apis has been included to help support cognitive function, and it may also work to reduce the risk of dehydration.
  • Chestnut can be found in Travel Ease, because it may offer help to those who deal with travel related fatigue. It also works to support healthy sleep patterns, and it may help the anxious and nervous traveler by helping to ease minor stress and anxiety.
  • St. Ingatius Bean provides further help for sleeping patterns, and it may also help with dehydration.

These natural ingredients are a safe and effective way to help with the negative aspects of travel.¬†Make sure that when you travel you’re giving your body the proper nutrition to fight off jetlag. There is nothing worse than spending hours traveling only to need days to get used to the change in time zones. ¬†TravelEase is a quick and easy way to help reduce the risk of jetlag.


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