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Cat Supplements for a Healthier Pet

Support Your Cat’s Health

Why does my cat sometimes eat strange foods?

catsThis is a question that some puzzled cat owners ask. They say their cats eat strange foods or refuse to eat what is fed to them. There may be one possible explanation: a deficient diet. The reason your cats are looking for strange foods to eat is that they may be searching for nutrients they need badly.

Many enlightened pet owners are familiar with their pets’ odd diet preferences so they buy cat supplements to make sure that their cats eat healthily and are receiving their daily nutritional requirements. It is a difficult task to give cats a balanced diet consistently, so feeding them cat supplements solves that problem.

Why Cat Supplements? Why Kitten Supplements?

Some cat and kitten owners are interested to know what specific benefits can be derived from cat supplements. Here are some of them:

  • vitamins and minerals – like humans, cats can absorb more vitamins and minerals by taking supplements regularly. It does not matter that you give your pet the highest quality foods – wet or dry – they still need more than their daily diet to feel more energetic and healthier;
  • quicker recovery from illness – if your cat just got sick and is recovering from a certain illness or is healing from a wound, giving him cat supplements facilitates recovery. The nutrients contained in cat supplements are extra “ammunition” to get them back on their feet again;
  • prevention of aging problems – again like humans, cats age and begin to show signs of wear and tear. Cat supplements will help them delay the aging process and ward off the ravaging effects of disease.

Cats Go Through Life Stages and Need Additional Nutrients

pn-immune-cats-9034_4A cat definitely needs vitamins. We know that humans and dogs obtain more nutrition from vitamins, but few people are actually aware of cat vitamins.

Don’t be misled by the fact that just because your cat eats the foods you give him, he is receiving all that he needs in terms of nutrients. While it is true that the regular cat food you buy from the supermarket or from pet stores provide the essential vitamins and minerals, cat supplements go the extra mile: they give cats a healthier, more voluminous coat, stronger bones and teeth and better vision. Cat vitamins and kitten vitamins also reinforce your pet’s immune system, thus helping him or her to be more disease-resistant. And yes, cat supplements and kitten supplements will turn your timid and lazy cat to a more active and alert feline!

What’s the easiest way to feed cats their vitamins?

Cats tend to balk at the sight of pills. The easiest way to give cats supplements is to use a powdered form and sprinkle on or mix with their existing food. With all of the news about harmful ingredients in certain products, make sure that your cat vitamins are Made in America to assure quality, purity and safety.

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