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The Benefits of Co Q10

Celluar Energy, Nutrition & Anti-Aging

pure-encapsulations-cq26-0824_4What is Ubiquinone (pronounced ue BIK wi none)? It is a co-enzyme that the body produces naturally. More specifically, it is found in parts of the body where there is a great need for aerobic cellular respiration – particularly the heart and liver. Note, however, that the human body has to convert ubiquinone into ubiquinol. A young person does not normally need supplemental amounts of ubiquinol but as one gets older, ubiquinol reserves diminish. Advancing age also reduces our capability to convert ubiquinone into ubiquinol.


  • increased metabolic requirements
  • daily stress
  • diseases and other health disorders
  • premature aging
  • lack of nutrition in our diet
  • body’s inability for biosynthesis

You don’t have to be a senior to start thinking of ubiquinol because some nordic-naturals-07600-008_4studies suggest that ubiquinol levels decline as early as the early 20s.

Ubiquinone is the generic name for this co-enzyme, and because it is also known as an antioxidant, it is also used as a dietary supplement. It is also called Co Q10.

Individuals who are worried about their ubiquinol levels can now use a powerful Ubiquinone supplement that provides the body with the Co Q10 nutrient.

Here’s an overview of what Co Q10 does:

  • it will help your body take in more Co Q10 because of improved blood plasma levels;
  • it will make you less dependent on your body to convert ubiquinone to ubiquinol;
  • it will help you fight free radicals more efficiently because it provides the cellular energy your body needs;
  • it will help you prevent oncoming symptoms of premature aging.

met-cq005120-10141_4The most important benefit that can be derived from ubiquinol is cellular energy.

You may be wondering why cellular energy is that important. Here are a few reasons:

  • it immediately initiates energy production in your cells. By acting as a catalyst in the body’s chemical processes, the body feels more energy;
  • as a result of increased energy production, there is a higher level of stamina;
  • increased stamina and energy levels promote a robust heart and the body’s overall cardiovascular capabilities;
  • given its antioxidant properties, ubiquinol will help you wage your constant battle against free radicals;
  • it acts as a “defender” against stress that can compromise the proper functioning of cells, tissues and organs;
  • it generates a generally “feel good” state because the heart is strong, thus enabling you to use more energy sources for more activities – in short, improved vitality;
  • it helps you ward off the symptoms of premature and normal aging;
  • it helps maintain normal blood pressure, and helps the circulatory system in distributing nutrients to all parts of the body;
  • there is an increased capacity for relaxing because the body is able to control harmful stress;
  • it helps to reinforce your immune system;
  • it helps regulate the nervous system;
  • it helps to maintain healthy brain activity levels (remember that the human brain is one of the most active organs and hence requires a constant and consistent supply of energy).

If You Are Taking Statin Drugs…

Statin drugs – or simply statins – are usually recommended to patients with heart problems. Physicians and health researchers agree that statins help prevent the risks of a heart attack. Statins are prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease by reducing their cholesterol levels. Examples of statins are the brand names such as Lipitor, Lescol, Mevacor, Zocor and others.

thorne-research-sp624-4011_4If you have been prescribed statins for your heart or cholesterol condition, taking Co Q10 or a ubiquinol dietary supplement can prove to be beneficial because the statins may lower your ubiquinol reserves. In fact, statins help diminish cholesterol in exactly the same way that the body produces ubiquinol.

While most people – 99% – who take statin drugs do not need a dietary supplement like Co Q10 there are some people who could use a “helping hand.” The best approach is still to change and improve one’s diet and lifestyle to prevent any heart condition or a cholesterol build-up. However, for those who need to stabilize their ubiquinol levels because of the effects of statin drugs in their system, taking Co Q10 may prove to be beneficial.

There are patients who are able to manage the effects of statin drugs (many others do not feel any effects at all), but some will need to ensure that their ubiquinol reserves are sufficient, especially those who are elderly.

Co Q10 has been known to contribute to healthy gums, quicker recovery for muscles after a vigorous workout, normal weight, acceptable blood sugar levels and a stronger immune system.

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