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Importance of Healthy Skin

Avoid Harsh Chemicals on Your Skin!

The skin is your body’s largest organ, and it carries out many important functions.  Contemporary skin care has taken on a somewhat contradictory role in that many of the products you use to support healthy looking skin actually damages great skinthe skin.  People with chemicals sensitivities experience the damage that skin care and cosmetics can inflict, but even if you don’t have chemical sensitivities the chemicals you apply to your skin on a daily basis are damaging the skin.

The body has a variety of organs and systems that carry out different functions, and many people make lifestyle changes to maintain the health of these systems.  You don’t smoke, because you don’t want lung diseases; you watch what you eat, because you don’t want heart disease; and you limit your alcohol consumption, because you don’t want to damage the liver.  However, one change people haven’t made is the use of cosmetic products that contain chemicals.  These chemicals are absorbed by the skin, where they can create irritations and skin conditions that can harm your body.

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For as much time that people put into making their skin look good, the act of promoting skin health is completely overlooked.  The skin is an essential organ to the body, and luckily the skin is naturally able to build new cells and repair itself.  The introduction of chemicals to the skin can speed up the rate at which cells die, and this can weaken the skin.  The skin is an important factor to the immune system, because it helps to keep harmful pathogens from entering the body.  Weakened skin can allow pathogens into the body where they may cause internal damage.  The skin also protects the body from the sun’s rays, and it helps to promote a healthy body temperature.  Skin is also important to how the body interacts with its environment, and it helps to trigger reactions to pain and pressure changes.

The skin carries out important jobs, but many people actively damage their skin on a daily basis.  Many of the cosmetic and beauty products that are used to make the skin look good or youthful actually deliver the skin harmful chemicals that can damage it.  By damaging your skin you’re leaving the body more susceptible to illness or damage, so it is important to use natural and chemical free personal care products.

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