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Magnesium May Help to Reduce the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Cancer has become a disease that everybody has grown to fear, and just about everyone has been affected by it in some way. The effects of cancer can be horrifying, and since there is no cure it is essential to provide your body with the nutrients Magnesiumthat may reduce the risk of cancer. New research has suggested that magnesium may help to reduce the risk of colorectal cancers. Many people supplement with magnesium on a daily basis to help provide support for the bones, the nervous system, and the metabolism, but now we know that it may help with colorectal cancer and polyps.

A study was carried out by British and Dutch scientists who tested 768 patients with colorectal polyps and 709 healthy patients. The patients had a BMI of 25 and over, and they were at least 55 years of age. Previous and similar studies had found that magnesium supplements may help to reduce the risk of colon polyps by 13% and colorectal cancer by 12%, but the results of this test were even more promising. It was found that increasing the consumption of magnesium by 100 mg helped to reduce the risk of cancer by as much as 19%.

Magnesium supplementation can help to support the nervous system, metabolism, and bones, but you can now also include its beneficial effects for cancer. Increasing magnesium by as little as 100 mg may help to reduce your risk of cancer by as much as 19%.  This is promising news, and even more reason to try one of the great magnesium supplements at EarthTurns.


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