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Free Shipping All Orders

Free Shipping On All Orders In The USA!

travelEarthTurns.com is proud to announce free shipping on all orders.  In an effort to provide the lowest prices on the internet and the best customer service, the minds that turn the gears at EarthTurns have decided that all orders within the United States receive free shipping.  No longer do you, the customer,  have to account for shipping costs.

Previously only a few products or orders exceeding $89 received free shipping, and this lead to some confusion as many people weren’t completely sure which products received free shipping.  In order to make your life easier, EarthTurns decided that all orders get free shipping, and what can be better than that?  Vitamins and personal care products can get heavy, and this can lead to astronomical shipping costs.  Free vitamin shipping and free personal care product shipping can go a long way in your quest to save money.  Your happiness and satisfaction is so important, that EarthTurns.com will now take care of those costs.  Of course, all orders will continue to be carefully packed by the expert Earthturns shipping staff and all orders will continue to be shipped on the same day.


EarthTurns is happy to provide you with the best natural personal care and health products at the internet’s lowest prices.  And since saving money is so important these days, EarthTurns now offers free shipping on all orders.  Now all that’s left to do is figure out what to do with the money that you will save on shipping costs.


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One thought on “Free Shipping All Orders”

  1. I love the fact that EarthTurns.com has free shipping on all their products. They have the best customer service of any store on the web. My family loves EarthTurns.com

    Thanks so much!!

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