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DaVinci Labs Bio DIM I3C Review

 Help for Maintaining Hormonal Balance

Maintaining hormonal balance is necessary for remaining healthy.  As the body ages hormones can become depleted, and this can negatively affect numerous parts of the body, like the prostate or breasts.  Hormonal imbalance can also be woman in fieldcaused by poor estrogen metabolism.  Unbalanced hormones may cause dysfunction within the reproductive organs in both men and women.  One of the best ways to support hormonal balance is with DaVinci Labs Bio DIM I-3-C Complex.  Bio DIM I-3-C helps to support healthy estrogen levels in men and women, and this is essential to maintaining balanced hormones.  It also provides that body with numerous antioxidants, and it can be a great way to support cellular health.

Bio DIM I3C contains DIM, or diindolylmethane, and indole-3-Carbinol (I-3-C).  DIM is actually a product of I-3-C, and studies have shown that these substances can help to promote proper estrogen metabolism.  Supporting estrogen metabolism may help to bring hormonal balance to the body.  Proper estrogen metabolism is essential to both men and women, and these ingredients may also help to support healthy cell function.

davinci-bio-dim-i3c-5262_4Calcium glucarate can also be found in Bio DIM I-3-C Complex, and it is also great for cellular health and it supports apoptosis.  It works within the glucuronidation pathway, and it can help to detoxify the body.  It may also help to bring hormonal balance, because it can help to remove excess hormones.  Removing excess hormones is important, because a lot of the substances that come in contact with the body – like insecticides, paints, personal care products, and lubricants – can introduce the body to xenoestrogens, which mimic estrogen within the body and can create hormonal imbalance.

Bio DIM I-3-C Complex also contains the following:

  • HMR/Lignan provides great antioxidant support, and it may help to maintain healthy cells.  Antioxidants are important to the body, because they fight free radicals.  Free radicals can damage the body’s cells, and they commonly cause diseases and ailments, like premature aging and cancer.
  • Trans-Resveratrol provides further antioxidant support.  Research has also shown that resveratrol can inhibit aromatase, which is an enzyme that changes testosterone into estrogen.  Aromatase can create hormonal imbalance, so it is necessary to reduce its effects on the body.  Studies have also shown that resveratrol may help to improve sperm count in men.
  • Vitamin E is also a powerful antioxidant, and it can support the body’s ability to absorb DIM.  It may also help to support the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Supporting hormonal balance is essential to a properly functioning body.  Imbalanced hormones can negatively affect the reproductive organs, and DaVinci Labs Bio DIM I-3-C is a great way to support healthy estrogen metabolism.  This can help to maintain hormonal balance, and Bio Dim I-3-C can also help to support healthy cellular activity and function.


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