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intraMAX and Choline

What is Choline?

drl-max33_4It can’t be said enough: intraMAX is an incredible multivitamin made by Drucker Labs.  The profile of nutrients found in intraMAX is unbelievable, and intraMAX truly is a nutritional miracle.  intraMAX is made of 100% organic substances, and it contains over 415 nutrients.

It can be hard to comprehend the torrent of ingredients, and the best way to understand the hundreds of benefits of intraMAX is to profile singular ingredients.  Today we’ll take a look at choline.

The Benefits of Choline

intraMAX contains 140 mg of choline, which is a great nutrient that can benefit the brain.  Choline is used by the body to support healthy cell membranes and cell signaling, and it helps to produce acetylecholine.  Acetylecholine is a neurotransmitter that can support the memory, and it may also help to maintain the proper function of the nervous system.  It also helps to ensure healthy muscle contractions.  Many adults struggle with memory problems as they age, but choline may help with the memory.  Studies have shown that choline may help to develop and maintain the function of the hippocampus, which is essential to a good memory.  Choline may also help to reduce the risk of dementia, and it may help to support a positive mood.  Improper levels of choline are often times linked to anxiety and depression, so it is important to manage choline levels within the body.

drl-kid33_4There are a number of negative effects of not getting enough choline, and it is important for children get plenty of choline.  Choline helps a child’s brain to grow and develop, and it also supports the development of their memory.  (by the way, intraMAX makes a great multivitamin for kids called intraKID).

Pregnant women should also consume plenty of choline, because a lack of choline may cause neural tube defects in children.  A neural tube defect can be devastating for families, and a neural tube defect occurs when the spinal column or brain hasn’t properly developed.  Children with neural tube defects often have a weak spinal column, and they are more likely to damage their spinal cord.  Low levels of choline may also lead to ailments, like liver damage, muscle damage, and poor nervous function.  The reason why poor choline levels can affect the liver is because choline helps to bring fat and cholesterol from the liver to the tissues that need it.  When there isn’t enough choline a fatty liver can develop.

The number of nutrients found in intraMAX is astounding, and with all these wonderful ingredients it can be hard to over look many of them.  Choline is an ingredient that can be incredibly beneficial to your brain.  It helps to support the brain’s growth and development, and it may be a great way to support the memory.  Choline helps to produce the incredibly important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, and it also helps to reduce the risk of anxiety and depression.  Get the choline that your brain needs with intraMAX.


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