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SLS Free Shampoo Review

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Sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, has come under a lot of scrutiny over the last couple years.  SLS is used to add a foamy texture to soaps and shampoos, but SLS is actually a cheap additive that is used to cut costs.  Outside of cosmetics, SLS is used an engine degreaser in automotive garages.  Many studies have found that SLS can potentially cause a number of skin irritations and health problems.  This research has made many people question the cosmetics and beauty products that they use, and there has been a surge in consumers seeking natural shampoo or an SLS free shampoo.

SLS Free ShampooIt is important to find a good SLS free shampoo that is from a company that can be trusted, because many shampoos that are marketed as natural aren’t actually 100% natural.  Without a doubt the best SLS free shampoo we’ve seen is Fundamental Shampoo.  Fundamental Shampoo builds up into a creamy lather without the use of SLS, and it uses natural ingredients that enrich and support healthy and full-bodied hair.

Why Use a Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Shampoo?

Shampoos with SLS can potentially be very damaging to the body.  The American College of Toxicology extensively researched SLS, and they found that even if SLS constitutes as little as .5% of a product it can still cause skin irritations.  If SLS constitutes as much as 10-30% – which isn’t uncommon – it can actually corrode the skin and cause severe damage.  The American College of Toxicology also states that SLS can degenerate cellular membranes and harm the proteins within the cells.  They also say that SLS can enter the body even if it is consumed in relatively low concentrations.

fe-pc-shampoo-grapefruit-12_6 (1)Once SLS enters the body it gathers in some of the most important organs, like the heart, brain, and liver.  This can potentially cause serious health problems, and it may also alter the outer layer of the skin.  Perhaps most disturbing is SLS’s effects on the eyes.  Even if it doesn’t come in contact with the eye it can still cause damage.  SLS can cause permanent harm to the eye by damaging the proteins, and this could harm the structure of the eye.  SLS is also incredibly irritating to the eyes.  Often times people don’t realize that their eye is being irritated though, because research has shown that some of the chemicals in the shampoo can actually numb the eye.  This can mask the negative effects that SLS is having on the eyes. So, for sure, there are dangers of sodium lauryl sulfate that most people aren’t aware of, and it should be avoided at all cost.

When shopping for shampoos it is essential to check the label, because many companies that advertise as natural aren’t actually all natural.  Fundamental Shampoo is an SLS free shampoo that is truly natural and chemical free.  Switching to Fundamental Shampoo will keep the damaging sodium lauryl sulfate out of the body.


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