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Nordic Naturals DHA Infant Review

The Importance of Omega-3

When you welcome a new baby to your family you want to make sure you give it every opportunity to properly grow and develop.  One of the best ways to support the development process is with Nordic Naturals DHA Infant.  DHA is an Nordic-Naturals-DHA-infantomega-3 fatty acid, and it is essential to proper development of the brain and eyes.

DHA is one of the most important nutrients to infants, because it is used by the brain to build tissue.  During the last trimester DHA starts to accumulate in the brain and eyes, and it is needed to get the brain ready for birth.  After birth DHA still remains important, and without it the brain wouldn’t be able to develop at the proper rate.  Studies have shown that children who regularly receive DHA tend to have higher IQs than children who don’t receive DHA.  DHA is also needed to fully develop the eyes.

DHA Infant also contains the omega-3 fatty acid EPA. EPA supports the brain by helping to increase blood flow.  This helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to the growing brain, and EPA can help support the child’s mental and emotional development.

DHA Infant is also a good source for the omega-9 fatty acid oleic acid, Vitamin A, D3, and E.  Oleic acid helps the brain to run more efficiently by supporting the transmission of nerve impulses.  Vitamin A can help to support immunity by helping to strengthen the skin and mucous membranes.  This may help to keep harmful agents from entering the body.  Vitamin D3 is great for infants, because it helps to promote cell differentiation.  Vitamin D3 helps to assign specific jobs and tasks to cells, and this helps the body to run in a more efficient state.  Vitamin E can further support the cardiovascular and nervous systems, but more importantly it is a great antioxidant.  It helps to fight the formation of free radicals, and this may help to reduce cellular damage.

DHA is one of the most important nutrients for infants.  It is used to fully develop the brain and eyes, and children who regularly receive DHA generally have higher IQs.  Support your infant’s growing process with Nordic Naturals DHA Infant.


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3 thoughts on “Nordic Naturals DHA Infant Review”

  1. Reasons I like it: 1) Screened for mercury and other bad stuff. 2) Great lemon taste. 3) Thin gel cap. 2) and 3) matter to me because I’m one of the few people who actually like the taste of fish oil so I bite into the capsule and release the oil. The lemon taste gives it a nice flavor and the gel cap is easy to chew. Other brands have thick capsules which don’t taste good and have really oily fish oil taste. For people who just swallow it, the taste of the oil or the capsule don’t really matter, but make sure you get a brand which screens for toxins because you don’t want to be killing yourself with mercury while protecting your heart.

    1. I’m in my second trmseiter of pregnancy. My fertility specialist acupuncturist recommended that I take Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA supplements starting when I was trying to conceive, but I CANNOT stand fishy smell and burps that normal DHA supplements have. I found these and asked if they were ok to take instead of the prenatals. She contacted the company and found out that the DHA in these is exactly the same as in the prenatal version and they don’t make a strawberry prenatal version because some women have an aversion to the strawberry flavor. There is absolutely no reason not to take these for pregnancy!Well, I bought these and I couldn’t be happier. The smell is slightly sweet and reminiscent of strawberry and even with my super pregnant sense of smell I can’t smell any fish in these. And I don’t have any kind of burp flavor from these. Two thumbs up, great for pregnancy and great for anyone needing a little extra DHA in their life.

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