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Pure IGF Ultimate Review

Maximize Your Workout

If you’re a gym junkie you need to try Pure IGF Ultimate.  This product by Pure Solutions is one of the finest muscle building and tissue supporting supplements on the market.  It can be hard to provide the body with the substances necessary PS-Pro-IGFto maximize muscle and tissue growth, but Pure Solutions has created a great formula that provides the body with numerous growth factors.

Pure IGF Ultimate is completely natural, and doesn’t have the dangerous side effects that come along with many chemically based gym supplements.  Pure IGF Ultimate is one of a kind, and it is the only insulin-like growth factor supplement that has a complete matrix of growth factors that can be easily absorbed by the body.  Many of the growth factors that Pure IGF Ultimate provides can be found in velvet antler tips.  It is so potent that it takes 43 pounds of velvet antler to create only one pound of Pure IGF Ultimate.  Velvet antler is essential to the production of Pure IGF Ultimate, because antler tips contain the highest concentration of growth factors.

The Growth Factors

athletePure IGF Ultimate contains the insulin-like growth factors (IGF) 1 and 2.  IGF-1 is a phenomenal substance for the health and body conscious.  IGF-1 acts similar to insulin, and it can help to release stored fat.  This helps the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates and sugar.  IGF-2 is used by the body to help grow tissue, and IGF-1 and 2 are a great way to burn fat, build muscle, increase lean body mass, and strengthen the bones.
Pure IGF also helps to support the healing process.  After a long day at the gym the muscles are shredded and the body can become sore.  In order to get all the benefits out of this tough workout the body needs the proper nutrients to ensure its tissue repair.  Pure IGF Ultimate contains transforming growth factors (TGF) A and B.  TGF-A is used by the body to help heal, and TGF-B can help to fight inflammation.  TGF A and B are both needed for proper tissue repair and development.

Epidermal growth factor (EGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), and neurotrophin growth factor (NGF) are also uses in Pure IGF Ultimate.  EGF helps to support nerve, skin, and lymphatic cell proliferation, and it is also used to promote proper tissue growth and reduce abnormal tissue growth.  VEGF helps to support cardiovascular health by helping to maintain the cardiovascular tissues.  It supports the health of the arteries, arterioles, venules, and capillaries by helping to repair damaged tissues.  NGF is important to Pure IGF Ultimate, because it helps to support the proper growth and repair of the nerves.

When you’re working hard to maintain or achieve the ideal body it is necessary to provide the body with the nutrients that can help to support the proper tissue repair and development.  Pure IGF Ultimate provides the body with growth factors that can help to repair and build muscles and burn fat.  If you’re constantly in the gym Pure IGF Ultimate is a must have exercise-supporting supplement.


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