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Benefits of Krill Oil Supplement

A Great Source for Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Many people take fish oils every day to support their cardiovascular function, nervous system, and overall health.  Fish oils can be a great way to supply the body with omega-3 fatty acids, but many people don’t know that krill oil can be a betterDavinci-Krill-Oil alternative to fish oils.

A Krill oil supplement has similar benefits when compared to fish oils.  Krill oil, like fish oil, is a great source for the omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, which are needed by the brain and cardiovascular system.  DHA is one of the most important substances for proper brain development in infants and children, and supplying the body with plenty of DHA can help to reduce the risk of depression and mood swings.  DHA can also help to reduce the occurrence of gene mutations, and it can help to reduce the effects of various mental ailments.  Like fish oils, krill oil can also help to fight inflammation within the body.  Studies have shown that women who take krill oil are less likely to die from inflammatory diseases.  This is because krill oil helps the body to produce protectins and resolvins, which can help to fight inflammation.

The body needs omega 3 fatty acids in order to function properly, and researchers believe that omega-3 deficiencies lead to thousands of deaths.  Omega-3 deficiencies can cause fatigue, immune dysfunction, poor memory, cardiovascular conditions, and mood swings.  Recent studies have found that omega 3 deficiencies take part in as many as 96,000 deaths.  This is an alarming rate, when compared to breast cancer, which causes 40,000 deaths.  Harvard University and the Center for Disease Control have stated that this makes omega-3 deficiencies the eighth leading cause of death.

Clearly it is important to maintain levels of omega-3 fatty acids within the body.  People who don’t consume enough fish often turn to fish oil supplements, but krill oil is actually a much better option.  Krill oil is a superior alternative, because it can be up to 48 times more potent than fish oils.  Krill oil is more bioavailable, because it contains phospholipids.  This means that the omega-3 fatty acids are ready for absorption and can be quickly used by the body.

The Advantage Krill Oil Supplements

f637-30_5Krill oil supplements have a number of advantages when compared to fish oils.  The genes of the body can actually be turned on and off, and one of the more important advantages is that a krill oil supplement can help to activate important metabolic genes.  The liver uses omega 3s to regulate the body’s nutrition, and it then activates genes to help support the body’s health.  Krill oil can actually help to enhance these genes and the metabolism.  Krill oil can help to activate genes that help with processes like glucose production and lipid synthesis.  Krill oil can also decrease the body’s cholesterol synthesis, while fish oil can increase it.  Krill oil also supports increased glucose and lipid metabolism, and it also helps to regulate the mitochondria respiratory chain.  These are all important metabolic effects that fish oil doesn’t possess.  Krill oil can be a great way to support normal triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Fish oil can oxidize in the body, and this can create harmful free radicals.  Free radicals interfere with cellular DNA, and they can potentially cause premature aging and cancer.  Krill oil is less likely to oxidize, and it contains more antioxidants.  Antioxidants are used by the body to fight free radicals, and krill oil actually contains one of the most powerful antioxidants, astaxanthin.  As an antioxidant astaxanthin is 65 times stronger than Vitamin C and 14 times stronger than Vitamin E.

Krill oil supplements are also more environmentally friendly and safer than fish oil.  Krill is a more sustainable source than fish, and krill harvesting is actually among the most sustainable businesses in the world.  Krill is also less likely to contain heavy metals, like mercury, so it is safer for public consumption.

People take fish oil supplements every day, but many of them don’t know that krill oil can actually be more beneficial.  Krill oil can help to influence important metabolic genes, and it is also less likely to oxidize and also provides the body with more antioxidants. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly and safer for public consumption.


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  1. Glad to know more and more people are now finding out the true benefits of krill oil supplement. I’ve actually learned about this 2 years ago when my doctor recommended it to me to aid my digestion. It also has omega 3 content that’s why I tried taking it and after seeing and feeling great results, I continuously take it and in fact, until now.

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