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Multivitamins Under Attack

Who Do You Believe?

The latest health news that was recently reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine is claiming that the usage of multivitamins is pointless and that research is showing that they do not in fact prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases vitaminsin woman. Naturally, mainstream media got a hold of this information and ran with it. Testifying to all viewers and listeners that there is little hope of deterring disease and that nutrition and care for your body is a waste of time. Current drugs and pharmaceuticals are what consumers should rely on in order to avert illness and enrich human health.

However the ‘scientific’ study was bogus and the research was poorly conducted.

Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. That being said, the women involved in this experiment should have been approached years ago by qualified scientists and health experts and given the SAME multivitamins to take everyday for a certain number of years. This was not the case. They were only questioned whether they took multivitamins. It’s very embarrassing, for a woman especially, to admit poor diet and mediocre eating habits. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely the women were even being one hundred percent honest when discussing their individual cases.

There was also no system and no verification involved in the study. The women never disclosed what kinds of vitamins they were supposedly taking. It was never documented whether or not they were taking inexpensive synthetic vitamins from the grocery store or quality whole food supplements from more sophisticated establishments. Furthermore, multivitamin intake regularity was not precisely calculated. There was no way of accurately measuring how often the consumers were even taking their multivitamins whether it be once a day, week, month or even year! According to this study, taking the vitamins once a year would have qualified as actually “taking multivitamins”.

Conclusively the entire study was an absolute sham. A ploy to fool and manipulate intelligent consumers who put their faith into medical doctors and science. The only results that this poorly conducted research, more like survey, determined was that people simply exaggerate their own claims of health habits.  And that the mainstream media will use rubbish science as a scare tactic to sway perfectly intellectual people into truly believing everything they hear and read in the world news as well as books, magazines and newspaper articles.

The mainstream media and the pharmaceutical companies work hand in hand. Very often the studies are actually organized by the pharmaceutical companies and funded to attain the results they want and get them documented. Mainstream media then picks up the scientific conclusions and either reprints them in popular magazines or trusted television networks. The same magazines that have full page advertisements with well known drugs and the same networks that have three minute prescription commercials.

fe-p-daily-multi-whole-food-90_4All vitamins, multivitamins and antioxidants are essential for human body health and function. Pharma-funded mainstream media is bought in some way or another to discredit nutritional supplements and push expensive, unnecessary chemicals that cause a number of horrible side effects.

Knowledge is power. And understanding what is naturally needed, scientifically speaking for the human body and all the systems that make it up is imperative. One cannot be fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing. The answers have always been there since the beginning of time.

Heather C. Nix


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