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Why I Made the Switch to SLS Free Shampoo

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As a parent, it’s heart wrenching to have to listen to the painful cries of baby2your precious baby accidentally get a little shampoo in her eyes as you rinse her new, fine hair during her evening bath. You get a sense of false comfort knowing that the label on the bottle simply states “if product contacts eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.” That little voice inside of you knows that those sudsy, foamy chemicals are extremely harmful to your child’s organs. And we know that the eyes are not the only organs negatively affected.

great-hair-blondeAside from the unbearable stinging reaction your eyes experience after SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate initially hits them. And the dry, unmanageable hair that seems to constantly break and frizz even in non-humid conditions. Perhaps it’s the largest organ of the human body that takes the biggest hit. Your skin. Ask yourself this….. Would you wash yourself with car wash? If your answer is no then you might want to research the ingredients in a bottle of car wash and compare them to the back of your shampoo bottle. The main ingredient in both products is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, also known as SLS. A cheap dissolving agent used to strip surfaces of grease and oils. When the natural oils of your skin are stripped, the proteins are denatured and you find yourself experiencing incredibly irritated, dry, scaly skin. This is the outer appearance. What is not seen is the how those oils work to protect your skin from environmental pollutants to more sensitive layers of the skin. Even more alarming, when Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is absorbed into your body, it can mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen. Because this link has been discovered researchers have not ruled out the possible connection between SLS and male infertility, PMS, worsening Menopausal symptoms and female diseases such as breast and ovarian cancer.

There is hope of course. The answer is SLS FREE shampoo. A chemical free shampoo that is not only safe for your entire body but safe for the earth on which we live. Many of us don’t give much thought to what goes down our shower drain. Unfortunately our wildlife is paying the ultimate price. The water we use is treated but there is no possible way to completely filter out all the hazardous junk we put into those pipes. Much of what we use in our household is lethal to fish and plants.

For those who love to be one with the great outdoors, SLS free is the onlyfe-pc-shampoo-lavender-12_4 way to go. Whether it be hiking the great White Mountains for a week or taking a leave of absence from work and making the six month commitment to hike the Appalachian Trail there are no better products to throw into your back pack than an SLS free shampoo. There are plenty of make-your-own concoctions out there with baking soda, vinegar, etc. But when you’ve been walking with a forty-five pound weight on your back for thirteen hours straight and when your hair is so nappy and sweaty that it’s literally sticking to your neck and your feet are stinky, blistered and full of calluses, naturally, you’re going to want to use a product that’s going to make you feel rejuvenated. A shampoo that feels good and smells good.

The transition from your old shampoo is going to take some getting used to. Because you’re used to such extreme dryness after using soap and shampoo you’re not going to have that squeaky clean feeling when you step out of the shower. The irony is…..you’re actually cleaner and healthier using SLS free shampoos. When you wash your hair or your children’s hair you will not build up as much foamy lather we as consumers have gotten so used to. You DO NOT need bubbles for your hair to get clean. The damaging detergents that caused this “rich” lather are dangerous. After one usage of the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free shampoo you will notice your hair as less tangled and easier to manage. It will be softer and you might even notice it being a bit thicker. Did we mention that SLS has been linked to hair loss? Go ahead and make the switch…..what have you got to lose? Your hair in the meantime?

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