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Protein Helps Build Muscle in Seniors

The Importance of Protein

New research reveals what common sense has told us; protein and amino acids can help build muscle mass in older people.

With sufficient intake of proteins and amino acids, the condition known aselderly-couple-lifting-weig Sarcopenia can be stopped altogether. Studies have shown that elderly people will experience muscle loss at a much faster rate than younger counterparts and alarmingly, serious muscular loss can occur after just days of bed rest or inactivity. Sarcopenia affects both young and old however, according to research at the University of Texas. It affects older people extremely rapidly with estimates that the average healthy person in their seventies will lose 10 percent of their leg muscle mass after a mere 10 days of bed rest.

Many Americans eat a fairly protein rich diet with a daily intake somewhere around 90 grams. Unfortunately, this protein isn’t balanced throughout the day, with around 72% coming from the evening meal and 11% from breakfast. This just goes to show that adding up daily intake is not always useful.  When treating hospital patients with protein and branched chain amino acid to prevent Sarcopenia this is particularly pertinent, as the body can only process around 30 grams of protein per intake to produce muscle.

fe-p-protein-whey-32_4That 11% of our daily protein intake at breakfast has very little use in terms of protein synthesis and we are much better trying to look for protein rich breakfast and lunch meals which will allow for a useable protein intake of around 30 grams per meal morning, noon and night.  A balanced daily intake like this will maximize muscle growth and can also be aided by making sure your protein intake is timed to match physical exertion so the effect of protein and exercise synergy will be most apparent.

Reduced muscle mass is a serious problem which can lead to reduced mobility and often increases the risk of falls in the older community. Unfortunately,  as muscle loss is often replaced with fat it is not always easy to spot or immediately noticeable.

Fundamental Protein is a whey protein concentrate that contains 25 grams of protein per serving. It’s a great way to assure you are getting adequate protein.


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