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Silk Protein

Anti-aging Cream Review

People who want to look young should no longer worry about going under the knife or finding the fountain of youth, because the best organic alternative, Silk Protein Anti-aging Cream, could certainly do the job better.

That Organic Power

Silk Protein Anti-aging Cream helps women feel and look younger after clear-skin-200x300just a few days’ use, as it includes healthy doses of combined nutrients that specifically target the renewal of skin cells and the reversal of aging symptoms on the skin. The organic power of the product comes from 18 amino acids and 6 potent organic ingredients.

Amino acids have long been considered important nutrients in caring for the skin. Without these acids, the skin cannot fight off toxins found in the environment, which act as the primary factor that causes aging. Amino acids act as the body’s ‘building blocks’, responsible for the repair and renewal of cells and tissues. For this reason, no matter how much chemical products one may apply on the skin, the cells would never be renewed and the skin would never be nourished without amino acids to work their nourishing wonders.

Meanwhile, the silk protein formula found in the product sustains a low molecular weight, making this Anti-aging Cream a non-greasy facial solution easily absorbed by the skin. This results to faster effects and results in skin nourishment, making the skin renewed and refreshed without the greasy feeling that’s often found in most cream products. The silk protein formula also works to reduce the telltale signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Such an effect results from re-building collagen and from inhibiting melanin production. In addition, because the cream contains Vitamin E, organic aloe vera gel and avocado oil, the skin becomes soft and supple to the touch.

Best of all, the organic nature of the product ensures that it is free of harmful compounds that tend to break the skin instead of rebuild and repair it. Skin care experts say that it’s best to use this product in the evening as a night cream, to be applied after removing make up, and after cleansing and toning the face. This cream goes well with mineral make up, which is also organic and allows the skin to breathe instead of clogging the pores.

The New Fountain of Youth

oe-silk_4The incredible effect of Silk Protein Anti-aging Cream makes it the new proverbial fountain of youth, as it could deliver the very effect that the mythical spring is famous for. The cream could reverse the aging symptoms of the skin, making anyone who applies it religiously take back the years and look exquisitely younger, without even undergoing any plastic surgery or without resorting to chemical-heavy products. This cream proves that going back to nature, and depending upon its wonders, is indeed a wise thing to do.

Silk Protein Anti-aging Cream  by Organic Excellence is a chemical-free beauty product that will help moisturize your face without harsh or harmful chemicals.



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