PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin Powder

7 Facts worth Knowing about DC Labs PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin Powder

The growing popularity of Modified Citrus Pectin the health industry is not a surprise, as Modified Citrus Pectin, or MCP, has several health benefits valuable not only to those who are DC Labs Pectasol Powderconfronted with health problems, but also to those who want to stay healthy or to be healthier. PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin Powder by DC Labs is a Modified Citrus Pectin supplement that stands out from all the rest, because it is developed with the best possible method in nutritional technology.

Here are seven (7) facts PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin Powder that every consumer must know:

  1. PectaSol MCP Powder goes through a different and better process to refine citrus pectin molecules. The most common method to break down pectin molecules is to use lye, but instead of this process, Dee Cee Labs instead uses an enzymatic method to break down citrus pectin molecules. This means PectaSol is a lot healthier than other brands.
  2. The enzymatic method used in developing PectaSol results to an MCP product with molecules measuring between 10,000 to 20,000 Dalton. This means it is highly soluble and is easily absorbed by the body, ensuring that no single nutrient escapes the body once it is taken in. Scientists in fact recommend that for citrus pectin molecules to be absorbed in human cells, they need to be smaller than 30,000 Dalton.  Other brands usually fail in meeting this requirement.
  3. Modified Citrus Pectin is proven to slow down the development and metastasis of cancer cells. Recent scientific studies found that the intake of MCP powder actually discourages cancer cells from sticking together and from affecting healthy new sites in the body. Because of this, PectaSol is an effective approach in fighting the progress of cancer as well as the prevention of its occurrence.
  4. PectaSol promotes good intestinal health. Modified Citrus Pectin cleanses the colon from toxins, and prevents constipation. It also stabilizes the intestinal pH level.
  5. PectaSol is an effective supplement in managing diarrhea. The high fiber content of this dietary supplement makes it ideal for the treatment of diarrhea. On top of fluid replacement, doctors recommend the intake of MCP.
  6. PectaSol helps to lower cholesterol levels. Modified Citrus Pectin discourages cholesterol absorption in the small intestines. With the cholesterol effectively blocked, the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases is prevented.
  7. PectaSol may be used an effective treatment against heavy metal poisoning. People who have ingested toxic metals such as arsenic and cadmium may use MCP as an effective detoxification treatment. Doctors generally recommend the intake of 15 grams of MCP for five days, with the intake increased to 20 grams on the sixth and final day. This therapy will prompt the affected person to rid the poison through urinary excretion. This treatment however, needs the physician supervision.

All products manufactured by Dee Cee Labs, are made in America, and boasts of containing only the best high-grade, all-natural ingredients. PectaSol is one of the safest, natural ways to fight heavy health problems like cancer and heavy metal poisoning, as well as a common ailment like diarrhea.  On top of this, PectaSol is also quite effective in getting healthy. What more could a consumer ask for?
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