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Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement

The Importance of Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements and omega 3 supplements have enjoyed much mediaomega-3-softgels coverage over recent years. With so much sensational reporting, it is difficult to believe that these claims could all be true. The omega 3 found in fish oil has been scientifically proven to give a wide variety of physical and mental health benefits, but its effect is significantly greater with a high quality pure fish oil supplement, such as Fundamental Omega 3, which simply has a higher potency for a greater beneficial effect. Trying to incorporate oily fish regularly into the diet can be difficult – by taking a pure and natural fish oil supplement you can ensure that your body is reaping the same benefits without having to adjust your diet or eating habits. Just some of the variety of positive effects of fish oil supplements on the body and brain are detailed here.

Depression and Fish Oil Supplements

Studies into the effects of fish oil in the diet in different parts of the world revealed that high rates of consumption of oily fish were associated with low rates of depression. This of course led to theories about the protective effect of fish oil supplements against depression. It is now also thought that it could be used in the treatment of depression, due to its ability to improve the movement of serotonin (the ‘happy’ neurotransmitter) between the cells of the brain.

Cholesterol and Fish Oil Supplements

High levels of cholesterol are linked with heart disease, a major health problem in the world today. Fish oil supplements are recommended by the Mayo Clinic and the American Heart Association for their role in lowering cholesterol as well as many other benefits, regardless of cholesterol levels or heart health.

Triglycerides and Fish Oil Supplements

fe-p-omega-3-enteric-60_4Similarly to cholesterol, triglycerides are also linked to heart health. High levels of triglycerides give an increased risk of heart disease and arterial blockage. Studies by various different institutes, including the Mayo Clinic, have found that fish oil supplements can reduce triglyceride levels. Triglyceride levels may be especially high as a result of taking antiretroviral medication to treat HIV or AIDS and therefore fish oil supplements could significantly reduce the risk of heart disease in this instance, as well as being of benefit to other immune-compromised individuals.

Inflammation and Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil and omega 3 supplements can help to maintain healthy joints and to reduce inflammation, which can occur as a result of conditions of the joints such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Reducing this inflammation can also play a significant role in reducing the debilitating chronic pain associated with these conditions – and fish oil supplements have been recommended to do just that by the Albany Medical School. Similarly, fish oil supplements can also relieve symptoms of other inflammatory diseases, such as psoriasis and lupus.

Skin Health and Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements are known to benefit the condition of the skin, reducing the damage caused to it from the environment around us – such as that caused by the sun’s harmful UV radiation. A diet supplemented with fish oils can also provide the skin with the omega 3 essential fatty acids – Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) – it requires to regulate the production of oil in the pores of the skin, which may be involved in the control of acne. These essential fatty acids also improve skin hydration and lessen the wrinkling of the skin, slowing the onset of the signs of aging.

Weight Regulation and Fish Oil Supplements

There have been many studies investigating how fish oils can help those struggling to lose weight and to keep it off. Studies in Australia found that dieters lost significantly more weight when taking pure fish oil supplements than those that did not. Omega 3 supplements from fish oil may help permanent weight loss by helping pre-fat cells to be destroyed before turning into fat cells. This leads to a reduction in the number of would-be fat cells, which means that less fat is accumulated in the body. Studies in mice, which have not yet been done in humans, have found that fish oils increase metabolism and reduce weight gain – an important finding in easing the burden of weight regulation.

Schizophrenia and Fish Oil Supplements

As well as depression, fish oil supplements may help to prevent schizophrenia in at-risk groups. Long term studies in Australia compared two groups of at-risk teens and young adults, giving one set fish oil supplements and the other a placebo. The results were striking: the fish oil group had a 3% incidence of schizophrenia whilst a quarter of the placebo group developed symptoms of the mental illness.

Brain Function and Fish Oil Supplements

Seeing the effect of fish oil supplements in depression and schizophrenia, it is no surprise that they have such a positive effect on general brain heath. Not only this, but they form a crucial role in improving brain and eye development during pregnancy and infancy – as well as helping to maintain these functions throughout life. Comparative studies have shown that statistically, women taking high potency pure fish oil supplements are more likely to have children with higher IQs, with fewer incidences of cognitive delay and better mental health.

Focus/Attention and Fish Oil Supplements

Interesting studies in the field of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), a disorder resulting in reduced attention span combined with symptoms of hyperactivity, have shown that not only that ADHD sufferers have reduced levels of omega 3 in their bodies, but that they also break down this substance more readily than those that do not have the condition. These studies, at the Hallowell Center for ADHD, also found that supplementing omega 3 in the diet led to increased focus and attention span in these subjects. Not only of benefit to the ADHD community, these exciting findings could also help those that have trouble focusing in their day-to-day lives.

Postnatal Depression and Fish Oil Supplements

Depression following childbirth (referred to as postnatal or postpartum depression) is a condition that affects many mothers, where difficulties in bonding with the new baby occur – as with many mental illnesses, separating the cause from the effect is difficult to do. Current treatments can resort to prescribing the mother with antidepressants, meaning that the mother has to stop breastfeeding: not an ideal solution given that breastfeeding plays such a crucial role in the bonding process. Fish oils have been shown to reduce symptoms of postnatal depression, says the Associated Press, and in this way they are of crucial benefit to both baby and mother and are highly recommended.

Eyesight and Fish Oil Supplements

Macular degeneration is a very common cause of sight loss in old age. As fish oil supplements have been shown to improve eye development in the uterus and infancy, it is unsurprising they are likely to reduce macular degeneration in the aging population as shown in various studies in Australia and America.

Yes, there’s more- Additional Benefits of Taking a High Potency Fish Oil Supplement

Weight Training Recovery

A high potency fish oil supplement can reduce the amount of time needed by the body to recover from weight training, which results in damaged muscle tissue that subsequently requires repairing before the following exercise session. Everyone is familiar with the aches and pains following a training session that are associated with this muscle damage. People wishing to increase muscle strength and size, such as bodybuilders and weightlifters as well as the ordinary health conscious individual, would benefit from taking pure fish oil supplements so that they can build muscle and strength more quickly and safely.

Heart Health

Numerous studies by the American Heart Association have shown that fish oil and omega 3 supplements can improve heart health and reduce the incidence of heart disease. This is directly linked to fish oils reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, improving the condition of the heart and the blood circulatory system.


Crohn’s Disease

Fish oil supplements have been shown to benefit the conditions of the intestines in those suffering from Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. These debilitating conditions affect the lining of the gut, leading to poor nutritional uptake, weight loss and major discomfort and pain. The current drastic treatments include removing inflamed parts of the digestive tract, which often reduces quality of life and is a complex and expensive procedure. Fish oil supplements may be a significant step in formulating an effective treatment for these conditions that does not require resorting to major surgery.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is signified by plaques forming on the brain and results in a loss of memory. Recent studies at UCLA using fish oil supplements have shown that they work to slow plaque formation, as well as reducing the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms in those with already advancing memory loss.


Stomach ulcers are a common problem and may be chronic, triggered by stress and anxiety. Ulcers result in inflammation and pain and are linked with the immune system. Studies at the University of Maryland have shown that the role of fish oil in improving immune function and reducing inflammation leads to reduced incidence of stomach ulcers.

Bipolar Disorder

A leader in the field of bipolar research, Jim Phelps MD, found significant improvements in symptoms of mild bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) when subjects took fish oil supplements. Mild bipolar disorder, which is often misdiagnosed as depression, can be difficult to treat and fish oil supplements have been shown to stabilize mood in these patients.

Canine Health

Reflecting the finding of studies in humans, dog food producers IAMs have shown that fish oil supplements positively affect the physical and mental development of dogs, improving health and temperament. In this way, dogs that incorporate fish oil into their diet are more trainable, happier and less prone to health problems.


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