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Flight Spray Review

Defense Against Airplane Colds &  Viruses

If colds and the flu have become synonymous to airplane flights for you, then you’re in dire need of Flight Spray, the only natural nasal hydration spray for frequent travelers. This all-natural nasal spray can moisten your nasal passages, making your nasal mucosa more efficient in filtering out flu or cold viruses.

Airplane’s Dry Air – A Recipe for a Cold

flight-spray-87x300So what is it about airplanes that make it such a great place for the colds viruses to congregate? The Journal of Environmental Health Research published a study that says you are 100 times more likely to catch a cold flying in an airplane than carrying out your daily activities. In such close quarters, you may be exposed to viruses that come from the re-circulated air inside airplane cabins. By the way, did you know that the air in the rear of the plane is the least circulated?

Another reason for your vulnerability to colds in airplanes is because airplane cabins have very dry air. The cause for this dryness is the low humidity in elevated places. In simpler terms, the higher the airplane goes, the lower the humidity in the air – ten percent to be exact. Dry air means your nasal passages get dried up as well. The mucus inside your nasal passages is your first line of defense against germs and viruses. They trap the harmful microbes inside your nostrils and flush them out of your system.  If the mucus dries up, then your body’s immunity goes down. The key to preventing sickness from airplanes is to keep your nasal passages moist throughout the flight, and for this, you need a special flight spray to do the work for you.

Flight Spray Par Excellence

Flight Spray keeps your nasal passages moist throughout the flight.  Aside from keeping your nasal passages moist, Flight Spray increases your immunity to colds and flu viruses lurking inside airplane cabins. Its power combination of Hawaiian-grown turmeric root, spearmint, and purified water is a unique formula that’s the very first in the market. Turmeric root is known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties while spearmint is Nature’s own antiseptic. This herbal nasal spray is gentle on your nose because it is free from alcohol.

Flight Spray is a homeopathic nasal spray especially designed for frequent travelers such as airplane pilots, flight attendants, or business persons. Flight Spray Nasal Hydration is carefully manufactured using a patent-pending hydrodistillation process in Maui, Hawaii. Because it is made from the United States, you are assured of its excellent quality.

Whether or not you travel five times a week or once a year, don’t forget to bring Flight Spray in your carry-on bag. Just spray once or twice into each nostril, inhale deeply and exhale through your mouth. With Flight Spray, your nose will never go dry again and traveling by air can be as easy as a breeze, without the sniffles.


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