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Nutiva - Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil

Nutiva - Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil

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Organic, cold-pressed and unrefined hemp oil*
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Made by Nutiva
Nutiva - Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil - 16 oz

Nutiva - Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil - 16 oz

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EarthTurns: $14.10
Nutiva - Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil - 16 oz

Nutiva - Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil - 8 oz

MSRP: $9.59

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Nutiva - Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil - 16 oz

Nutiva - Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil - 24 oz

MSRP: $26.39

EarthTurns: $19.13
*Results May Vary

Nutiva - Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil

Organic Superfood

Certified Organic & Non-GMO Verified 

Nutiva Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil is a certified organic and non-gmo superfood and can be added to your favorite recipes!

This delicious organic hemp oil is cold-pressed and unrefined. Just like hemp seed, the oil contains the ideal 3:1 omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. Unlike flax, hemp has valuable Super Omega-3 (SDA) and Super Omega-6 (GLA), which can help the body metabolize fat.

Use hemp oil in smoothies, salads, vegetables and pasta dishes. To conserve the essential fatty acids, we suggest you use it raw or gently heated

Nutiva Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil:

  • Made from raw hemp seed
  • Gently cold-processed
  • Unrefined
  • Never hexane-processed
  • Always chemical free
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan
  • Raw & Unrefined

Why Hemp?

Cultivated for thousands of years throughout Asia and the Middle East before finally making its way to Europe and then the Americas, hemp is an extremely versatile and hardy plant. Its many uses include food products, textiles, building materials, bio-plastics, auto parts and more. Hemp is not to be confused with marijuana. Although the two plants are related, hemp products contain only trace levels of THC (less than 10ppm) and will not cause a psychoactive effect. It was once widely grown in the United States for its fiber. In fact, one of our founding fathers, George Washington, was a hemp farmer!

Rich in protein, omega-fatty acids and fiber, hemp has a nutty-tasting seed with a wide variety of uses. Hemp is loaded with all 20 amino acids (including the 9 essential). This densely nutritious food is an excellent addition to the diet of anyone looking for plant-based protein, and is preferred by many vegetarians and vegans. The protein found in hemp seed is very digestible, making it a great choice for sensitive diets.

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Directions: Add to your favorite recipes.

Storage:Refrigerate after opening.


Ingredients: Raw, Organic, Unrefined Hempseed Oil.

*Results May Vary

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I am very satisfied with the product and company
it helps with my seizures, anxiety, and depression. thanks*
Review by Melissa / (Posted on 7/15/2017)
Hemp oil
This helps with my Lyme disease.

I love EarthTurns!!!!*
Review by Gladys Eissen / (Posted on 9/5/2015)