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  intraMAX Travel Size (415 Nutrients) - 2 oz
intraMAX 2 oz Travel Size

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Made by Drucker Labs
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IntraMAX 2 oz. Travel Size

Over 415 Essential Nutrients - Peach Mango Flavor

Best Liquid Multivitamin Available!

intraMAX 2 oz Travel size is a convenient way of bringing your intraMAX to work or on short trips. It's also a great way to try intraMAX for the first time if you're not sure you'll like the taste.

is a liquid multivitamin/multimineral that is the outcome of extensive research on the human body's unique requirements. The intraMAX liquid vitamin supplement & multimineral formula rests on two health principles that you don't often hear about in medical and health circles:
  • Intra-Cell Technology Minerals
  • Fulvic Acid Connection
intraMax Drucker Labs Authorized Seller Before giving you information about intraMAX organic liquid vitamin, we think you should know something about the health principles of Drucker Labs so that you know what you're buying. Why buy a product on blind trust? Learn the facts so that you appreciate the superior quality of intraMAX.

Principle # 1: IntraCell Technology Minerals

The cell is the basic unit of life, without cells, there would be no living things. Drucker Labs investigated cellular activity in depth and their efforts have culminated into a proprietary technology called "carbon bond."

How does carbon bond technology work?

The intraCELL V Technology was introduced by Drucker Labs as a ground-breaking "carbon-bond" technology. Look at the diagram to see how it works:

intraMax Chart 1

The Authenticity of Organic Trace Minerals

Notice the terms used in stage 1: living organic carbon. Drucker Laboratories took "organic" seriously by deviating from the commercial use and definition of organic: production that excludes any toxic chemicals, preservatives or additives. Drucker Labs adhered to the more authentic scientific meaning: "living carbon", not dead or synthetic toxic carbonates.

Drucker Labs is your only source for 100% genuine organic microcomplexed carbon-based trace minerals and nutrients. They discovered that the trace minerals that people purchase commercially do not satisfy our requirements to sufficiently sustain our bodies and went ahead to correct this problem. The most revealing fact about the Drucker Labs process is that each bottle of intraMAX undergoes 40 days of exclusive processing to yield 144,500 mg per 1 unit of living organic carbon.

Principle # 2: Fulvic Acid Connection

If you've never heard of fulvic acid, that's understandable. Yet, if we were asked to name the top five gifts of Mother Nature to mankind, we'd probably say fresh air, vegetables, water, sunshine and fertile soil. We think fulvic acid should make it to that list as well.

Why Most Americans are Nutrient-Deficient and Need intraMAX

Contrary to popular thinking, you don't obtain nutrients and minerals from the foods you eat. You may argue that you eat the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables or even exceed it, but think about this: regardless of their nutritional value, where does our food come from?

The correct answer is they were plucked from our soil. But how healthy and pure is our soil nowadays? Even the animals that are also part of our food supply have to nourish themselves from the fruits of the soil. How much damage have chemicals and pesticides done to our soil so that it no longer constitutes a viable and sustainable source?

This is why 99% of North Americans are highly deficient in organic minerals and intraMAX is so important for health.

How can our cells absorb nutrients if fulvic acid is missing? Also, these fall under the "inorganic class" because they are synthetic and toxic. They are incapable of penetrating through cellular membranes. It can happen too that the accumulation of these inorganic minerals in our bodies could contribute to metal toxicity.

When you're buying a product from Drucker Labs, you are assured that organic means authentically organic; the trace minerals contain living carbon.

Research studies support that 100% carbon-bond organic minerals promote:

  • Efficient absorption
  • Carrying of nutrients that are sufficiently miniscule to enter the digestive system
  • Reinforcement of our immune system
  • Improvement of the central nervous system and functions
Be aware that even if some manufacturers claim that their products have sufficient amounts of trace minerals, they are not the kind of minerals that scientists consider adequate. Most commercial trace minerals do not contain living carbon. It is this carbon that shifts our bodies into optimal drive, delivering the "goods" to all of the body's systems that keep it alive.

We reiterate: only Drucker Labs creates 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals and nutrients as found in intraMAX vitamin supplement. Its proprietary intraCELL V products are formulated with carbon, oxygen and fulvic acid, which even the most sensitive individuals with allergies can take safely.

Drucker Labs devoted more than 15 years to research and development before marketing intraCELL V Technology. Each product sold has been subject to rigorous testing and analysis. It focuses on detoxification - both internal and external - and in the transport of nutrients into cells. Drucker Laboratories has put in what's missing in today's foods.

The diagram below lists the reasons why doctors recommend intraMAX to people who want the greatest vitamin supplement available that they can take every day without fear of side effects:

intraMax Chart 2

It also improves the efficiency rate of brain cell activity, sharpening focus and memory skills.

intraMAX Delivers Six Major Benefits:

IntraMAX provides four major benefits + 2 bonus benefits:
  • Energy Supply
  • Cellular Protection
  • Toxin Elimination
  • General Well-Being and Balance
  • Efficient Absorption and Timely Delivery of Nutrients
  • No Side Effects
intraMax Chart 3

Complementing these four benefits are two bonus benefits:
  • Efficient Absorption & Timely Delivery of Nutrients
Nutrients are only as good as the body's ability to "welcome" them in. The body can accommodate only small molecular structures; there are certain substances that the digestive system does not recognize and will therefore reject. The benefit of intraMAX is that its living carbon molecules have been highly chelated, thus making them fully absorbent. When they are absorbed, they deliver nutrients; at the same time, they eliminate what the body does not need. When the body is balanced (incoming nutrients vis-a-vis waste elimination), it performs more efficiently.
  • No Side Effects
Dietary supplements can have side effects on some people because they contain artificial or synthetic ingredients and fillers, diminishing the product's effectiveness. Drucker ensures, through its intraCELL V Technology, that the components of intraMAX remain pure, non-pasteurized. intraMAX does not contain animal or dairy products, gluten, corn, soy or nuts.

If you have a question that wasn't covered here, please refer to our intraMAX FAQ.

intraMAX is the best vitamin supplement available and is Made in America to assure potency, quality and purity!

intraMAX is also available in a cost-effective 33oz container.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Intramax is the BEST!!! May 19, 2015
Reviewer: Tonya Schoonmaker from Little Rock, AR United States  
I've been taking Intramax for 5 years now and hardly ever get sick anymore. I used to get these tonsil stones in the back of my throat that drove me crazy! Since taking Intramax, they're gone!! Because it's so expensive, I only take it when I feel myself getting sick or feel a stone in my throat. I take one ounce in a shot glass, then follow it up with 8 more shots of water, 2-3 times/week as needed. I've tried other vitamins, but nothing compares to Intramax - worth the $80!!

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Great product March 30, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Norcross, GA United States  
So glad to have found the travel size for Intramax. Shipment was fast and product is very good, although expensive.

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
IntraMax travel size November 21, 2014
Reviewer: celia shields from King George, VA United States  
Great Product, Easy pay and Speedy delivery!!! Thanks

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Lightning fast shipping November 20, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from AR United States  
I ordered this on Tuesday night and had it in my hands on Friday. I will be placing all of my reorders for this with Earth Turns!

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Great for Travel! July 31, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Tulsa, OK United States  
When I travel I burn more vitamins and minerals so it's more important than ever than I get enough. These travel-size IntraMAX are perfect for going through airport security because of their size!

Was this review helpful to you?

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