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Indigo Wild - Zum Tub - Sandalwood-Citrus - 12 oz

Indigo Wild - Zum Tub - Sandalwood-Citrus - 12 oz

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Natural Bath Salts - Sandalwood-Citrus*
*Results May Vary
Made by Indigo Wild
*Results May Vary

Indigo Wild Zum Tub - Sandalwood-Citrus

Chemical-Free Bath Salts

Natural & Safe - 12 oz Shaker

Indigo Wild Zum Tub Sandalwood-Citrus is a natural and safe all natural aromatherapy bath salt that exfoliates the skin.

Zum Tub Sandalwood-Citrus is natural bath salts that can help to relax the mind and support healthy skin. Every day you bathe and shower to keep your skin clean, but during this time you can also be supporting your skin. Bath salts are a great way to keep skin looking its best, and Zum Tub also contains shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil. The natural sandalwood and citrus scent that Zum Tub provides also helps to calm and relax the mind.

Benefits of Zum Tub Sandalwood-Citrus:

  • Great for the Skin
  • Contains Shea Butter
  • Relaxing Scent
  • Made in the USA

Skin Support

Everybody wants their skin to look its best, and bath salts can help to improve the health and appearance of the skin. Bath salts work to keep the pores open, and this may help to fight acne. They also work to remove toxins and dirt, and they may help to fight skin irritation and dryness. Bath salts may also exfoliate the skin, and this removes dead skin cells and keeps the skin looking its best. Zum Tub also contains shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil, and both of these ingredients help to moisturize the skin. Shea butter may help to reduce the appearance of scars, and it is also rich in Vitamin A and E. These vitamins provide antioxidants, and this can help to fight premature aging. Vitamin A also supports the skin by maintaining its strength, and this can help to keep harmful substances from entering the body.

Make Your Bath More Relaxing

Zum Tub also helps to relax the body and mind. It has a sandalwood and citrus scent that is natural and soothing. Sandalwood is a mild sedative, so it can help with anxiety and stress. Sandalwood is also frequently used to help fight panic attacks. Citrus is a great way to improve the mood. It helps to improve mental energy, and it can promote feelings of general wellness.

Support your skin and your relaxation with Zum Tub Sandalwood-Citrus. It helps to promote healthy skin, and it can moisturize and exfoliate. Zum Tub also relaxes the body with sandalwood and citrus, and it may also promote an energetic mind.

Zum Tub is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

Additional Information
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Directions: Sprinkle in 2-4 tbsp. of salt per bath.


Ingredients: Natural sea salt crystals, dendritic salt, pure essential oils, shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil extract and rosemary extract.

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