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Earth Mama Angel Baby - Angel Baby Oil - 4 fl oz

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Angel Baby Oil - 4 fl oz
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Natural, Herbal Massage Oil for Babies*
*Results May Vary
Made by Earth Mama Angel Baby
Certified Vegan
*Results May Vary

Angel Baby - Baby Oil

Organic Baby Oil - No Scent Massage Crankiness Away!

Benefits of Angel Baby Oil

  • 100% Organic - Unscented
  • Provides Skin Nutrients
  • Moisturizes
  • Soothes
  • Made in USA
There is no easier way to calm a crying baby than a gentle massage. Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Oil is the best way to massage your baby because it gives you the softest touch. Improve your baby's spirits quickly with this natural massage oil.

Angel Baby Oil
has virtually no scent, so your baby's sensitive nose won't be disrupted during your massage. Angel Baby Oil contains various natural oils that promote healthy skin.

Chamomile is found in the oil, and is great for soothing rashes and rejuvenating damaged skin. Chamomile can improve skin texture and tone, and it can increase the rate of cell turnover.

Calendula is also used in Angel Baby Oil to soothe the skin, and calendula also works great on cuts your baby might have gotten. Chamomile and calendula both have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Massage Your Baby with Organic Baby Oil

Angel Baby Oil is a great way to give a massage, because it is made with jojoba oil. Jojoba oil moisturizes the skin all day long, because it doesn't evaporate like other moisturizers. Jojoba oil can also balance your baby's natural production of oil.

Most traditional massage oils contain chemicals that can actually dry out and damage the skin. These massage oils contain preservatives, synthetic dyes and fragrances, and cheap cleaners that corrode the skin. Angel Baby Oil is all natural and 100% Organic so it doesn't contain any of these dangerous chemicals. You can be confident that only nature's best ingredients are going on your baby's skin.

Angel Baby Oil is so safe and effective that it is used in hospitals for NICU babies. 

How to Make Natural Baby Wipes

Angel Baby Oil can also be used to make natural and chemical free baby wipes. Just mix a teaspoon Angel Baby Oil, 1 cup of water, and teaspoon of a natural baby wash. Soak paper towels in the mixture, and let them dry. Cheap, effective, and safe!

Angel Baby Oil is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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Directions: Can be used for sensitive little noses, ideal for massage or dry skin! Angel Baby Oil can also be used to make homemade baby wipes too!


Ingredients: Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, Simmondsia chinensis (organic jojoba) seed oil, Matricaria recutita (organic chamomile) extract, Calendula officinalis (organic calendula) extract

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