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Citrus Mate - Cinnamon Mate - Mist Air Freshener - 7 oz

Citrus Mate - Cinnamon Mate - Mist Air Freshener - 7 oz
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Natural Air Freshener. Chemical Free Air Freshener. Cinnamon scent.*
*Results May Vary
Made by Citrus Mate
*Results May Vary

Cinnamon Mate Mist - Chemical Free Air Freshener

Natural Air Freshener - Eliminates Odors - Room Deodorizer

Cinnamon Mate Mist will actually help to eliminate odors, not just mask them. There are no harmful chemicals to inhale and will not leave any unpleasant chemical odors found in traditional air fresheners. Cinnamon Mate is a 100% Natural Air Freshener!

Benefits of Cinnamon Mate

  • Naturally freshens the air without harmful chemicals
  • Made from 100% natural biodegradable ingredients
  • Eliminates odors - does not just cover them up
  • Non-aerosol can with no hydrocarbon or fluorocarbon propellants
  • Works fast
  • Lasts longer than artificially fragranced air fresheners
  • Does not harm family or environment
There is no better choice for a natural air freshener than Cinnamon Mate Mist.

Made in USA

Additional Information
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Direct spray away from face and into the room. Never spray on plastics or painted surfaces such as toilet seats or acrylics due to the corrosive nature of citrus. Avoid direct skin contact. If irritation occurs, wash with soap and cold water.


Ingredients: Pure, natural cinnamon and concentrated essential oils.

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