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  Vaxa Immune Support Pac (Immune-Aid & Virexin)
Vaxa Immune Support Pac
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Made by Vaxa
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Vaxa Immune Support Pac

Contains both Immune-Aid & Virexin

Natural Immune System Booster - Protection Against Viruses

Why Vaxa Immune-Aid?

The immediate benefits of taking Vaxa Immune-Aid can't be underestimated. It is a formula that was homeopathically developed as a natural immune system remedy that helps to boost our immune system. The ingredients of this formula - phytomedicinals, herbs, amino acids, and metabolites - are the substances our bodies need to help it:
  • Lower fever (as a result of an infection)
  • Battle infection, strengthening our immune system by increasing infection-fighting cells and white blood cells
  • Eliminate pollutants and toxins such as free radicals, heavy metals, and other agents that disturb our immune system
  • Supplement our resistance against colds, infections, and other common illnesses
There are other reasons why Immune-Aid reinforces your body's police force:
  • It's a complete, all-in-one formula: it prepares your body and turns it into a "patrolling officer" who will remain vigilant against the body's enemies
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • It contains free form amino acids that are essential in the production, development and integrity of white blood and T-cells that facilitate the delivery of nutrients across cell membranes, thus promoting the production of the body's own substances for defending itself
  • The nutritional components of Vaxa Immune-Aid such as GLA boost prostaglandins (intermediary hormones we need to maintain a strong immune system) and help regulate our sodium-potassium balance

Importance of T-Cells

We may have heard of T-Cells in our Science 101 class long time ago but we're not sure exactly what they do. In layman's terms, T-Cells constitute our police force. Scientifically, however, it may help to understand the specific roles they play in our immune system.

T-Cells reinforce our immune system in three ways:
  1. They help and support the complex functions of our whole immune system (this is their more general function - as helper cells). They take on a "cytotoxic" character. This simply means that they come into contact with infected cells and destroy them (as killer cells that eliminate infected cells or pre-cancerous cells from our bodies).
  2. T-Cells perform a "differentiating" role: they identify items belonging to the body and those not belonging to the body (e.g. viruses, etc).
  3. T-Cells also manufacture white blood cells or phagocytes - entities in our immune system that gobble up unwanted foreign invaders.

Vaxa Immune-Aid: Natural Immune System Booster

An increasing number of researchers believe that in today's changed environment where industrial pollution has become a key factor in the onslaught of disease, our bodies need all the help they can get. It constantly has to replenish its supply of nutrients, amino acids and metabolites for avoiding infection.

Oxidizing agents and heavy metals threaten the stability of our defense system and this is where Immune-Aid can be a true immune system booster. When we Immune Aid regularly, it becomes easier for our body to eliminate toxins and poisons efficiently. It has all the nutritional supplements we need; it is a medicinal formula that will help in cleansing and purifying our liver and kidney by eliminating poisonous substances. The presence of these substances sometimes contributes to the fragility of our cell membranes. Your physician will no doubt allow you to take Vaxa Immune-Aid as a supplement to established treatment protocol. Its nutritional components have proven to be helpful in:
  • glandular infections
  • encephalitis (inflammation of the brain that could be caused by meningitis or malaria)
  • ethylic hepatitis - a form of hepatitis (Hepatitis C Virus Infection) caused by the misuse of ethyl alcohol
  • lymphatic infections - infections of the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are glands that help our bodies fight infection. Lymph nodes can generally be felt in the neck, groin, armpits, behind the ears, back of the head
  • chronic cystitis - inflammation of the urinary bladder
  • acne vulgaris - skin eruptions that can range from mild, moderate to severe
  • pruritus - an itching sensation that makes a person constantly scratch
  • chills
  • asthma and emphysema - respiratory disorders
  • dysentery -  is a digestive disorder causing diarrhea and blood and mucous are present in feces (this disease is usually caused by insanitary conditions)
  • chronic laryngitis - inflammation of the larynx (voice box); symptoms include hoarseness, sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, etc
  • chronic pharyngitis - also called sore throat (can also be an inflammation of the tonsils)
Vaxa's Immune Aid is just one of the tools you can use to boost your immune system. We have many natural remedies to help support your health. All of our products are Made in USA to assure quality and purity.

VAXA Virexin- Natural Immune System Booster

Strengthen Your Immune System Against Cold and Flu

Virexin is a natural immune system booster that should be used by individuals who frequently get colds and the flu and want to add important nutrients that can help strengthen their immune system. When your body is fighting infection, it requires additional help to boost the immune system and to eliminate invasive bacterial and viral microorganisms. In addition is needs help in alleviating the cold and flu symptoms and replenish nutritional stores used up due to illness.

Cold's and flu's that linger and seem to last forever can have a detrimental effect on the body's nutritional stores and can deplete them to harmful levels where the body simply cannot respond successfully. Virexin, a natural immune system supplement, helps to aid the body's natural restorative powers. Vaxa Virexin is capable of boosting the immune system by supplying it with biologically accessible nutrients which can easily be absorbed by the body. Good health is likely to follow once your nutritional balance is restored by this natural, homeopathic medicinal which is one of the best immune boosting supplements available.

Why is Virexin So Powerful?

Virexin contains special complex homeopathic medicinals which work effectively against numerous flu and flu-like viruses. In addition, this scientifically advanced immunological homeopathic medicinal contains several herbal components and other phytomedicinals that have been included to to further boost the immune system and its defenses. Licorice Root, also known as, Gylcyrrhiza Glabra or DGL, has been shown to trigger the interferon mechanism in humans. Another ingredient in Virexin, Myrrh Gum, is able to kill the Influenza A (Asian) virus. Cinchona, also known as Quinine bark, is a natural source of quinine, which has been used effectively against a number of viral infections, including parasitic diseases such as Malaria. Also contained in the natural immune system supplement Virexin are a number of Chinese herbs such as: Achillea Millefolium, Herba Schizonepetae, Semen Armeniacae, and Semen Cuscutae which help in creating a systemic response which viruses do not commonly tolerate.

Virexin: Natural Immune System Booster

As a natural immune system booster, Vaxa Virexin has been specifically formulated to supply extra nutritional support while under a doctor's care for many bodily infections and other immune dysfunctions arising from viral infections.

Vaxa's Virexin, one of the most powerful natural immune system supplements, can assist your body in fighting numerous illnesses including:
  • Influenza Chronic fatigue
  • Inflammatory fevers
  • Glandular fevers such as: mumps, mononucleosis, and lymphadenitis
  • Anemia Chlorosis with accompanying exhaustion
  • Septic infections
  • Jaundice/icterus
  • Herpes zoster, also called shingles
  • Herpes simplex
Besides boosting the immune system, Virexin can handle the nutritional deficiencies that may result from excessive and protracted illness and compromised health. During times of illness, many nutrients are not properly absorbed because the digestive system is often compromised. Because Virexin is a natural immune system supplement it is easily absorbed and is fast-acting, so it provides the nutrition your body requires quickly and successfully.

Vaxa Immune Support Pac  is Made in USA.

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