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Vaxa Natural Remedies

Vaxa History
Since 1987, Växa has formulated the most powerful homeopathic medicine available. Vaxa combines the proven ability of homeopathy, with a variety of important vitamins, minerals, herbal medicine and amino acids to provide the best natural alternative available for numerous health concerns. Växa's products are much more powerful than any simple nutritional supplement because of the combination of nutritional products used.

Växa is a Swedish word that means re-growth or re-generation. Vaxa is based in Tampa, Florida, however Vaxa International is a world leader in the nutraceutical industry, with many advancements in phytomedicinal combinations designed for specific problems.
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Vaxa Attend Strategy Pack (Attend, Memorin, Extress)
List Price: $101.77
EarthTurns: $91.59

Help Focus, Attention, Stress, Memory.
Vaxa Parasite Cleansing Kit
Vaxa Parasitic Cleansing Program (Colon-Aid, 2 Parasitin, Reflora)
List Price: $123.96
EarthTurns: $111.56

Complete Parasite Cleansing Kit. Natural Remedy for Parasites.
Vaxa Candid Free Candida
Vaxa Candid-Free (Natural Candida Remedy)
List Price: $30.99
EarthTurns: $27.89

Natural Candida Remedy. Fight Yeast Infection Naturally.
Vaxa Clearin Acne Treatment
Vaxa Clearin (Natural Acne Treatment)
List Price: $27.09
EarthTurns: $24.54

Natural Acne Remedy.
Vaxa Deprex Depression Remedy
Vaxa Deprex (Supports Emotional Upset)
List Price: $30.29
EarthTurns: $27.33

Supports Emotional Upset.
Vaxa Arthritin Arthritis Remedy
Vaxa Arthritin
List Price: $36.49
EarthTurns: $32.92

Support for Bones, Joints and Cartilage.
Vaxa Attend ADD ADHD
Vaxa Attend - Supports Attention & Focus
List Price: $40.69
EarthTurns: $36.71

A Homeopathic Medicinal for Attention and Focus.
Vaxa Neuran Nerve Supplement
Vaxa Neuran (Nerve Support)
List Price: $30.79
EarthTurns: $27.80

Nerve Supplement. Natural Remedy for Neurological Disorders.
Vaxa Protec Amino Acid Supplement
Vaxa Pro-Tec (Essential Amino Acid Supplement)
List Price: $29.79
EarthTurns: $26.90

Natural Amino Acid Supplement. Essential Amino Acids.
Vaxa Optimize Energy Booster
Vaxa Optimize (Energy Booster)
List Price: $21.29
EarthTurns: $19.23

Natural Energy Boosting Supplement. Boost Energy Naturally.
Vaxa Memorin
Vaxa Memorin (Memory Aid)
List Price: $29.79
EarthTurns: $26.90

Support for Memory and Clear Thinking.
Vaxa Nite Rest
Vaxa Nite-Rest (Insomnia Remedy)
List Price: $28.09
EarthTurns: $25.24

Natural Insomnia Remedy. Get a great night of sleep.
Vaxa Virexin Virus Protection
Vaxa Virexin (Virus Protection)
List Price: $31.99
EarthTurns: $28.89

Natural Immune System Booster.
Vaxa Diabin Diabetes Supplements
Vaxa Diabin (Promote Healthy Blood Sugar)
List Price: $29.49
EarthTurns: $26.63

Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels.
Vaxa Cholesten LDL Cholesterol
Vaxa Cholesten-LDL (Cholesterol Aid)
List Price: $31.29
EarthTurns: $28.33

Natural Supplement for Lowering Cholesterol Levels
Vaxa Circulin Blood Pressure Remedy
Vaxa Circulin (Improve Circulation)
List Price: $31.49
EarthTurns: $28.43

Natural blood pressure remedy supplement.
Vaxa Prostatin Prostate Health
Vaxa Prostatin (Prostate Health)
List Price: $37.09
EarthTurns: $33.49

Natural Prostate Remedy. Prostatic Hypertrophy Supplement.
Vaxa OcuCare Eye
Vaxa Ocu-Care (Eye Supplement)
List Price: $31.99
EarthTurns: $28.89

For strong vision and healthy eyes.
Vaxa Sinus Formula
Vaxa Sinus Formula
List Price: $31.99
EarthTurns: $28.89

Homeopathic Sinus Relief Remedy. Supports Proper Sinus Function.
Vaxa Digestin Digestive Enzymes
Vaxa Digestin (Digestion Aid)
List Price: $27.79
EarthTurns: $25.01

Natural digestion aid. Digestive enzymes.

Vaxa homeopathic supplements
are designed for specific health related problems such as ADD/ADHD, arthritis, memory problems, stress and more.

Vaxa Standards

Less than .5% of all the nutritional manufacturing companies in the USA can match the specific standards used in the Växa facility. All of Vaxa's products are made in a laboratory that uses standards above those suggested by the Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP) guidelines.

1000% Higher Standards

At Vaxa, the allowable contamination levels are one-tenth of typical industry standards.

At the end of the manufacturing process, every batch comes with a certificate of analysis and even has a National Drug Control number. Every lot is tested to assure quality, stability of product, consistency, content and weight. There are very strict controls of inventory dating to assure freshness of product for the consumer.

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