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Tom's of Maine Natural Challenge: Make their Customers Happy

Tom's of Maine believes it has a two-pronged natural challenge. The first challenge is for you to be 100 % satisfied with your natural product.  If for any reason you are not happy with the product, you simply take it back for a 100% refund. Tom's of Maine develops their products with the customers' needs in mind. They are against the use of artificial substances and animal-testing! Not only should products be free from preservatives but they should also work. So if you think they don't work for you, return the product and we'll give you back your money. SEE BELOW for SECOND CHALLENGE and MORE!
The second challenge is to: Wake up your senses! Delight your senses with the flavors of refreshing wintergreen or spicy cinnamon in our toothpaste. You get to enjoy lavender or cucumber/grapefruit in our deodorants. Feel healthy. Be healthy. Go natural. Make Tom's of Maine a part of you!

Natural Care: What it Truly Means

The words natural care are often taken for granted. Or it is misunderstood. Natural care products mean more than natural ingredients. Tom's of Maine takes natural care several notches higher. It is their way of life. It is their respect for nature. It is concern for their consumers' health. It is their commitment to the communities they serve. It is the essence of how they think and how they live. The temptation to take short cuts in manufacturing a whole line of products that consumers like and regularly buy always lingers in the background. One short cut is to use preservatives. Tom's of Maine is proud of the fact that they have consistently refused to give in to this temptation, even if it means cheaper and quicker production methods. Tom's of Maine refuses to use artificial dyes, sweeteners, and preservatives. From harvesting to processing to packaging and to eventually putting them on shelves, these steps remain free from any artificial elements.

Another indicator of their social responsibility is that Tom's of Maine does not do any form of animal testing. The company donates 10% of their profits to worthwhile causes. Five percent (5%) of payments made to employees also goes to charity. Tom and Kate Chappell develop their natural care products to fuel their vision: respect for the individual, for the community and for the environment.

Tom's of Maine: Applying the Animal-Friendly Concept

In line with this animal-friendly concept is the company's Stewardship Model. This business model is illustrated by (a) products that can be effective without the use of any animal products or by-products, and (b) as a corollary to (a), no animal testing should therefore be necessary.

Animal-friendly since 1970

Since 1970, the company, has followed the stewardship model. It dictates the company's decisions; one of which is to make it clear on the products' labels that they are "free of animal ingredients" and the guarantee of "safety and efficacy of products and ingredients without testing on animals."

Cruelty-Free Products

Tallow is a form of beef or mutton fat and is commonly used in personal hygiene products. At Tom's of Maine, products are not manufactured with tallow. Instead, vegetable oils like palm, coconut, and olive and their derivatives are used. The company also says NO to animal-based moisturizers and conditioners. Vegetable glycerin, aloe vera juice, or wheat protein for their moisturizing benefits are the preferred substances.

Components of this Animal-Free Philosophy

  1. Successful petition sent to Food and Drug Administration – to test the safety of fluoride oral care products, the US FDA issued a ruling that required animal testing. Tom's of Maine is proud to have been the first company to send a petition to the FDA to accept an alternative form of testing. This petition was successful. The company employs in situ and in vitro testing. The first one involves testing people who wear special dentures with human enamel blocks and the second is test-tube testing - much better alternatives to the industry practice of bovine enamel testing.
  2. Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association (ADA) – when an oral product bears the ADA seal, it means one thing: safety. This seal, implemented in 1931, is a trusted symbol that consumers look for. For a company to put this seal on their products, it must first submit clinical testing data. In addition, the manufacturing facilities of companies must be maintained to current safety and purity standards. With assistance from the University of Michigan, Tom's of Maine sought approval from the ADA for their toothpaste in 1995 by having their Research and Development team propose to the ADA that an alternative to animal testing be used. Tom's of Maine became the first company to use an intraoral re-mineralization test on humans as part of the ADA approval process.

Innovation has its Rewards As Well

Thanks to the company's vision and animal-free philosophy, Tom's of Maine is the proud recipient of several awards and certifications: Awards received from reputable organizations and the media.
  • Corporate Integrity Award -- Animal Care & Control ACES Awards (2006)
  • Taking Action for Animals Corporate Ethic Award for Animal Advocacy --Taking Action for Animals Conference (2005)
  • Best toothpaste-Veggie Awards, VegNews (2001-2005)

Tom's of Maine also is proud of its Kosher certifications. Made in USA!
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