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  OneBode - Structure - Calcium - 90 Capsules
OneBode Structure Calcium

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STRUCTURE - Calcium and Magnesium

Benefits of OneBode STRUCTURE

  • Supports Strong Bones
  • Helps to Maintain Brain and Nerve Function
  • Supports the Cardiovascular System
  • Promotes Muscle Health
  • Made in the USA
OneBode Structure is a calcium and magnesium supplement that is also supported by lecithin.

Your body depends on calcium to maintain strong bones and proper biological functions throughout the body. If your calcium levels become depleted your bones can become significantly weaker.

Magnesium is also used in Structure to help support the body's calcium metabolism, and lecithin can also help to support the proper function of the muscles. OneBode Structure uses a Cellular Delivery System that helps the body to absorb all the nutrients that are provided in Structure.

Benefits of Calcium in Structure

Calcium is possibly the most important minerals to the body, and it helps to support healthy bones. The bones continue to grow in the body until approximately the age of 30, and after this time they begin to gradually deteriorate. Calcium may help to slow down this deterioration, and it can be particularly important for women to supplement with calcium.

Women also have to deal with a natural decrease in estrogen as they age, and this can further lead to the depletion of strong and healthy bones. Calcium is also used throughout the body to help maintain processes and functions. It can help to maintain a strong and steady heartbeat and it also helps to maintain proper nerve function. When calcium levels are low the body takes calcium from the bones to maintain these functions, and this causes the bones to become weak. This is why supplementing with calcium can be so important for maintaining a healthy body.

Some tests have also shown that calcium may help to reduce blood pressure and weight. It is believed to help with weight loss by attaching itself to dietary fats and escorting them out of the body, but more research is needed.

Benefits of Magnesium in Structure

Magnesium is essential to Structure, because it helps the body to properly utilize calcium. Calcium is a hard nutrient for the body to absorb, so it is important to support its absorption. Magnesium is also used by the body to help promote bone strength. Magnesium can also support the cardiovascular system, and it might help with hypertension. It may also help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Magnesium deficiencies can cause a number of physical and mental symptoms. When magnesium levels are low the body frequently experiences stress, anxiety, muscle cramps, and muscle pains. Magnesium may also help to regulate blood sugar levels, because it helps with carbohydrate metabolism and stimulates insulin activity.

Structure Even has Lecithin!

Lecithin is a great nutrient for the body, and it is made up of choline and inositol. It can help to support the proper function of the liver, brain, and nervous system. Lecithin may also help to maintain the proper function of the muscles, and it could help to breakdown fats within the body. Lecithin may also help to regulate cholesterol levels. Supplying your body with calcium is essential to maintaining strong bones, as well as carrying out numerous processes and functions within the body. OneBode Structure is a great source for calcium, and it is also enhanced by magnesium and lecithin.

OneBode Structure is made in America to ensure quality, purity, and safety.

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