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NuSirt Sciences

NuSirt, which is based in Tennessee, has been creating nutraceuticals and contributing to the scientific community since 2007. Many of their products and studies are based on research initially conducted at the University of Tennessee. NuSirt supplements utilize natural ingredients to promote healthier lifestyles. They relentlessly research and test various natural combinations to make sure that you only consume the healthiest and most beneficial formulas, and you won't find NuSirt swaying to the latest herbal trends. They only use the finest ingredients that have been shown to work through careful research and study.
NuSirt was founded by Dr. Zemel, and today Zemel works as NuSirt's Chief Science Officier. Dr. Zemel has become known for research on weight management and obesity. Zemel's research practices include clinical trials and cellular and molecular mechanist work. This research takes place in an up to date lab that uses a patented cell based screening system. This patented technology allows NuSirt to study bioactivity in foods and nutrieients. The screening process has lead to NuSirt's current products, NuShape and NuControl, which contain mixtures of relatively common nutrients that are highly bioactive.

NuSirt publishes many of their scientific studies in order to contribute to the scientific community, and to show their customers exactly how and why their products work. Today NuSirt has products that address healthy metabolic function and weight management, and they are now studying how to help the body deal with inflammation. They will soon have nutraceuticals that help with inflammation and cardiovascular health.

If you're looking for supplements that are well researched and safe you've come to the right spot. NuSirt provides their customers with nutraceuticals that have been tested in their patented lab, and they may help with weight management and glucose metabolism. Weight loss supplements NuShape and NuControl to assist in your exercise goals.
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