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  Enzymatic Therapy - Whole Body Stress Cleanse - 10 Day Supply
Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Stress Cleanse

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Whole Body Stress Cleanse by Enzymatic Therapy

Natural Stress Remedy - Lower Stress Cortisol Levels

Preventing Oxidative Stress with Whole Body Stress Cleanse

Imagine yourself in a stressful situation. Your nerves are all worked up, your brain is trying to process numerous bits of information and your muscles are taut. These are just a few manifestations of someone experiencing stress. Other signs include too much or too little appetite, increased smoking and drinking, trembling, sweating and wild mood fluctuations. Whether one suffers stress in silence or runs "amuck", something happens: oxidative stress results.

How exactly does oxidative stress occur?

  1. A situation causes you to be stressed.
  2. You react to this stressful situation, using oxygen. If you're breathing faster, that's a sign you're using your reserves of oxygen.
  3. As your oxygen reserves get depleted, your cells produce more energy to make up for this depletion.
  4. When this cycle repeats frequently, free radicals are produced.
  5. These free radicals intermingle with molecules in other cells, creating oxidative damage to cells, membranes and genes. The level of oxidative stress has been blamed as a leading cause of diseases like Parkinson's, heart trouble, chronic fatigue, atherosclerosis, and Alzheimer's disease.

What You Can Do to Reverse the Effects of Oxidative Stress?

Body cleansing formulas have been around for a long time and are considered complementary treatment methods for some chronic diseases. There is one reputable product that is effective as both a cleanser and detoxifier - Whole Body Stress Cleanse by Enzymatic Therapy.

Whole Body Stress Cleanse is a product that was formulated to fight oxidative stress. It was designed to be a 10-day detoxification program. Note that to completely eliminate toxic substances from the body, a product has to be used for seven to ten days because detoxification cannot happen overnight. With Whole Body Stress Cleanse, you enjoy 24-hour protection while it performs its work in removing oxidative-induced toxins and in controlling stress hormones.

This 10-day cleansing program is a two-component kit aimed to balance: the first one is called Purifying Cleanse Formula (containing high-ORAC fruit extracts) which is to be used during the day and the second one is called Cortisol Modifying Formula (with an effectiveness rate of 61%) which is to be taken before going to bed.

How Does Whole Body Stress Cleanse Perform its Work?

Two stress hormones are in play when we are subject to stress: cortisol and adrenaline. You may have heard of the expression, "my adrenalin levels were running high."

Try to picture yourself caught in a stressful situation. You have a scheduled interview and you're running late because of traffic on the expressway. There's a great chance you could miss the opportunity of a lifetime. You're fidgeting in the cab, your palms are sweaty and you can hear the rapid beating of your heart. As this is happening, cortisol and adrenaline are working behind the scene. They work jointly but differently. Adrenaline acts quickly. This is why it is called the fight or flight hormone. It goes directly into your bloodstream as you deal with the tense ride and the prospect of arriving late.

Cortisol, on the other hand, slows you down. It tries to reverse the rapid mechanisms of adrenaline by helping you recover from the stress. As adrenaline uses up your energy, cortisol replenishes that energy reservoir by releasing sugar and fat to the heart, lungs and legs. It is important for adrenaline and cortisol to balance each other out; an imbalance leads to uncontrolled oxidative stress and damage. Toxins are released when oxygen reacts with other molecules in cells. When these toxins are on overdrive, cellular activity is impaired. While a healthy body is able to tolerate damage caused by free radicals, it needs an extra dose of antioxidants sourced from the diet to tolerate this damage indefinitely.

Flavonoids, enzymes, coenzymes, anthocyanins, vitamins, minerals, sulfuric compounds and phenolics are examples of dietary antioxidants found in Enzymatic Therapy Whole Body Cleanse.

Made in America to assure quality and potency.

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