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  DC Labs - Bone Essentials - 60 Tablets
Bone Essentials Calcium

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Made by Dee Cee Labs
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Dee Cee Labs Bone Essentials - 60 Tablets

Natural Osteoporosis Remedy - Fight Osteoporosis

Dee Cee Labs Bone Essentials was designed to build strong bones.

Importance of Calcium

To provide the rigid structure of the skeleton calcium is vital, around about 3lb of the body's weight is calcium, 99 per cent being in the teeth and bones. It is important in growing children to help bones grow and the elderly as the ability to absorb calcium becomes impaired with age. Together with magnesium it is needed for nerves and muscles to function properly. It also helps to maintain the right acid/alkaline balance and blood to clot. An adult needs a daily calcium intake of between 700 mg and 1000 mg. Those at risk of osteoporosis may need as much as 1500 mg a day. This protection is boosted when combined with linoleic acid from evening primrose oil. Calcium and phosphorus work together on a ratio of two to one for healthy teeth and bones and calcium and magnesium work together for cardiovascular health.

The Two Most Deficient Minerals in a Woman's Diet

The two most deficient minerals in a woman's diet are calcium and iron. Natural calcium supplements have shown to protect against pre-eclampsia which is high blood pressure in pregnancy. It is a good idea to increase calcium consumption during the last three months of pregnancy and the first few months of lactation to ensure that the baby get sufficient amount of calcium to help bone development and growth. If the baby doesnt get enough calcium from its mother, it will be withdrawn from the mothers bones, possibly leading to bone disease in the future.

Signs of Calcium Deficiency and Benefits of Calcium

Signs of calcium deficiency are rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis. Calcium like sodium and potassium contribute to both extracellular and intracellular cell environment. Calcium is also needed as intercellular cement to keep the cells of the body together. It also controls fluid to allow enzyme reaction to take place. Calcium is vital for the contraction of muscle. The brain sends nerve impulses that release calcium in the muscle which triggers muscle reactions. Calcium also helps to control cholesterol.

Calcium helps in the process of secretion, bile, pancreatic fluid, gastric, intestinal, hormonal and mucous all rely on calcium to move the small droplets through the cells boundaries and cell walls. The AMP (adenosine monophosphate) is calcium dependent. This maintains the balance of proteins in the body. Calcium is also needed in the release of neurotransmitter. These are vital for a proper functioning nervous system. Calcium is one of the buffers in blood that helps to keep the levels of acid/alkaline. Calcium levels in the blood are affected by hormones. If levels drop then Tetany could occur; this is a condition that causes tremors and involuntary contractions of the muscles.

Osteoporosis - Importance of Proper Supplementation in Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, which means porous bones, is at epidemic proportions particularly in women after the menopause. It is a painful and potentially crippling disease which is due to the loss of calcium in the bones. By the age of fifty up to 25 per cent of the skeleton could be missing due to Osteoporosis, this can increase the risk of bone fractures, loss of height and formation of a dowagers hump all due to the soft and thinning bones. This will affect one in three women and one in twelve men by the age of seventy. The conventional explanation of why osteoporosis affects women of a certain age more than men is that once a women stops menstruating she produces only a small amount of the estrogen which helps to keep calcium in her bones. This is why women are recommended to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This is not the case as research has shown that Progesterone stimulate osteoblasts to produce new bone and that by taking Progesterone it increases bone density by four times, oestrogen which stimulates osteoclast cells only stops the loss of old bone.

Dee Cee Labs Bone Essentials helps fight osteoporosis. Bone Essentials is Made in America to assure quality and safety.

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